Kudzai Mushonga Biography and Net Worth

Kudzai Mushonga (born in 1992) is a 32 year-old Zimbabwean businessman with a net worth estimated at $5 million (over R91 million). Mushonga, who is said to have gathered his massive fortune through diverse ventures, came to the spotlight as Khanyi Mbau‘s boyfriend.

Besides making the news headlines for his blossoming relationship with the multi-award-winning South African actress, the Durban-based entrepreneur has equally been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. He has been embroiled in a number of controversies for which he is considered by many to be a controversial businessman.

Kudzai Mushonga’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Kudzai Terrence Mushonga
  • Nickname: Ndege Boy
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Kudzai Mushonga’s Age: 32 years old
  • Place of birth: Borrowdale Brook in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Kudzai Mushonga’s Girlfriend: Khanyi Mbau
  • Kudzai Mushonga’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Kudzai Mushonga’s Height in Centimetres: 172.7 cm
  • Kudzai Mushonga’s Net Worth: $5 million (R91 million+)
  • Famous for: Being Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend and a controversial businessman

What is Kudzai Mushonga’s Age?

Kudzai Mushonga is 32 years old. In Borrowdale, Brook Harare, Zimbabwe, he was born to his rich parents in 1992. Although the businessman has not made his date of birth public knowledge, his sweetheart, Khanyi Mbau (38), once revealed that she is 7 years older than Kudzai.

Ndege Boy reportedly comes from a wealthy family through which he inherited most of his wealth. His family members are unknown. Nonetheless, Mushonga, through his IG posts, has revealed that he has a brother. After spending his childhood years in Zimbabwe, Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend allegedly departed his home country for South Africa in 2016. He is currently based in Dubai.

Kudzai Mushonga’s Net Worth

Kudzai Mushonga is said to be worth $5 million (over R91 million). He reportedly inherited a huge fortune from his family. The young entrepreneur is also said to have built his empire by indulging in diverse businesses. They include transport and logistics. However, Kudzai is yet to disclose his main sources of income to the public.

This has left many wondering how the 32 years old actually accumulated his millions. It’s worth noting that in 2016, several media reports had it that Kudzai Mushonga was a fugitive who defrauded a microfinance bank of over $160,000. As a result, he is said to have amassed a huge part of his net worth through shady businesses.

During that time, he was purported by some media reports to be the youngest Zimbabwean to own an airline – Dream Air Company. Thus, he was given the nickname “Ndege Boy.” The airline, however, is reported to be non-existence.

Did Kudzai Defraud a Micro Financier $166,000 in 2016?

In late 2016, the Zimbabwe Republic Police embarked on a manhunt for fraudsters. According to The Herald, three suspects named Njabulo Ndebele of Brook Village in Borrowdale, Harare, Tatenda Mandimutsira of Dzivarasekwa, and Kudzai Terrence Mushonga of Village Way in Borrowdale Brook, Harare, defrauded a Harare micro-financier of $166,000.

It was alleged that Kudzai and his two friends used fake documents to apply for a loan from the micro-financier, which he granted without carefully investigating the documents submitted. According to Senior Assistant Commissioner of Zimbabwe Republic Police, Charity Charamba, who made the public announcement, the fraudulent activity was carried out by the three suspects on September 10th, 2016.

The trio purported to be Dream Air Company employees and applied for a loan from the registered micro-financier, who eventually reported the crime to the police. Surprisingly, Dream Air Company is non-existent, and thus, Kudzai Mushonga and his friends allegedly made the loan application using fake documents.

Unbeknownst to the micro-financier that the documents were fake, he approved and deposited a total of $166,000 to the CBZ bank account of the accused. At first, the complainant was unsuspecting as the three suspects made a few installments to gain his trust. His suspicion was, however, aroused when the suspects applied for another loan of $37,500.

At that point, he had to investigate the authenticity of the bank statement produced by Kudzai Mushonga and his friends with CBZ. It was then he realized that the bank statement was forged, and he immediately reported the case to the police.

Senior Asst Com Charamba further stated that the accused were arrested and remanded out of custody. They, however, defaulted to trial later on. At the time Charamba released the public statements, the suspects had already left Zimbabwe, and their whereabouts were unknown. Hence, they are still wanted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

His Response

In March 2021, a month after surfacing as Khanyi’s man, Ndege Boy addressed the rumor that he is a wanted Zimbabwean fugitive who left the country after he was granted bail in 2016. In his statement, he denied that he is a wanted fugitive and also stated that he has never been arrested or skipped trial before.

To prove his innocence, the businessman challenged blogs and newspapers, including iHarare to produce evidence that he is a fugitive and that he would donate R50,000 ($3,359) to any charitable organization of their choice if they did so. He further cited that he has become newsworthy because he became the director at DreamAir and was driving Rolls Royce and Ferraris at the age of 22.

Kudzai Mushonga said that over the years, he has watched his reputation tarnished in the media and kept quiet, but now he is asking those blogs and newspapers to stop publishing stories that deform his character. He then made it clear that The Herald article about him being a fraudster was published after a year and a half the alleged crime was committed because he got into a fight with someone exercising his power on him.

Additionally, Mushonga stated that he had long left Zimbabwe before the allegations surfaced. He also dismissed the speculation that his empire was built on the $166,000 defrauded from the micro-financier.

A Fraud Charge Against Kudzai Mushonga

Despite trying to keep the slate clean that he is a legitimate businessman who has made his money by legal means, Kudzai Mushonga has continued to be dragged into illegal dealings. In August 2021, a fraud case was opened against the Zimbabwean by James Aliyu, a Joburg-based Nigerian.

Aliyu accused Kudzai of being a fraudster and involved in car hijacking. This got Khanyi Mbau’s heartthrob trending on social media. The Nigerian national stated that he purchased a Mercedes GLE valued at R720,000 ($47,270) and Jaguar worth R500,000 ($32,826) from Kudzai Mushonga, and it turned out that the cars were not his property.

Consequently, the Merc GLE was hijacked from him while in Bryanston. Suspecting that Kudzai might have a hand in the car hijacking, James Aliyu went to his house in Sandton to demand that his money be refunded. Unfortunately, on his way out, he noticed that the Jaguar he parked outside Kudzai Mushonga’s house had been stolen. Hence, he opened a fraud case against the millionaire businessman.

Why is the Businessman Under Investigation in South Africa?

A few weeks after Mushonga was accused of being a fraudster by James Aliyu, he had a run-in with the law; the South African Police. It was reported that Ndege Boy was arrested alongside another suspect named Moses Chomgolicho by Constable Dean Van Zyl after the police received a tip-off. The duo was using their home in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg, for drug dealing.

The businessman was subsequently granted bail after the case was struck off the roll pending further investigations. He is still under investigation for dealing drugs by the South African police. This was confirmed by the Gauteng police spokesperson, Mavela Masondi, who cited that Kudzai Mushonga is under investigation by police in connection to drugs.

Reportedly, Kudzai was first arrested in Sandton in August 2019 and had a South African smart ID bearing the name Dick Lefa Nzula. The case was later struck off the roll for further investigation. After the investigations commenced, the Zimbabwean businessman, who portrays himself as filthy rich on social media, had to leave South Africa for Dubai. He is currently based in Dubai and has cemented his stay in the country by obtaining a driver’s license.

His Joint Ventures with Khanyi Mbau

In March 2021, Khanyi Mbau launched a business venture called 2K Business Centres. It was reported that she pulled off the venture with the help of her wealthy boyfriend and that the two co-own the property business. The 2K business centers are situated at the heart of Sandton. It has premium, luxurious workspaces for entrepreneurs and business executives where they can work, network, and conduct business.

The business centers are considered the best choice for those opting for shared working spaces. It features smart boardrooms with conferencing abilities, luxurious communal workstations, and dedicated offices. Also, based on Kudzai’s IG posts, he disclosed that he has started some businesses in Dubai since moving to the country.

He said that he opened a company together with his girlfriend, Khanyi Mbau and that she owns a 51% stake in the company. To date, the young, rich entrepreneur is yet to reveal his major revenue stream.

Are Khanyi and Kudzai Mushonga Still Together?

In February 2021, famous South African actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau made her relationship with Kudzai Mushonga official. Since then, she has been open to her followers about how madly in love she is with the Zimbabwean businessman. Despite both looking love-struck, their relationship has had its low moments like every other love affair.

In August 2021, Kudzai set Mzansi into a panic when he revealed in a now-deleted IG live post that his girlfriend had gone missing, as she was yet to return home by 2 AM after dropping her off at a salon in the afternoon. In the post, he stated how his mother was against his relationship with the actress and asked him to leave his girlfriend behind and travel to the United States.

He also revealed that he registered a company in Dubai and made Khanyi a 51% shareholder as they planned on residing in the country to become global. Being overwhelmed by emotion, Kudzai Mushonga revealed confidential details of his relationship with Mbau. He even disclosed that he paid more than R80,000 in boarding and school fees for Khanyi Mbau’s daughter to ensure that she is safe and well taken care of while he stays with her mother in Dubai.

It was later discovered that Khanyi left for South Africa after visiting the salon without informing her man. The two reportedly had a heated argument the previous day, and Kudzai walked out on the Abomama star. Realizing his mistakes, Ndege Boy took to Instagram to apologize to his lady for revealing delicate details of their relationship to the public. He said that he was emotionally overwhelmed and sincerely loves her. Afterward, he deleted his Instagram account.

The lovebirds eventually made up and have been going strong since then. With Kudzai referring to Khanyi as Mrs. K in his social media posts and the Uzalo actress citing him as her hubby in one of her IG posts, it has been speculated that Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau have tied the knot secretly. The rumor, however, is yet to be confirmed as both haven’t commented on it.

Controversy Surrounding Their Relationship

Since publicizing her love affair with Ndege Boy, Khanyi Mbau has been dragged by many news outlets for dating a fugitive. She is said to have been dating Kudzai due to his wealth, as she only dates filthy rich men. Appearing on Young, Famous, & African – a Netflix original first African reality TV series alongside Kudzai, Nadia Nakai, Andile Ncube, among others, Khanyi made it public that she literally doesn’t care whether her man is a fugitive or not.

She said in an episode of the show that she knows that Kudzai lives a crazy life and he allegedly stole money, but that doesn’t bother her. According to the socialite, she doesn’t know why she seems to be attracting men who have a scandal about how they made their money, as her baby daddy, Mandla Mthembu, was also involved in one. Probably, it’s because she is a gangster chick.

What to know about Kudzai Mushonga’s Girlfriend, Khanyi

Kudzai Mushonga’s partner, Khanyi Mbau, is an eminent South African actress, TV presenter, and businesswoman. She was born Khanyisile Mbau on October 15th, 1985, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and was raised in Soweto, South Africa. She took the centre stage after portraying the character of Doobsie in the SABC2 drama series, Muvhango from 2004 to 2005.

She was reportedly fired from the role for spending too much time partying. She eventually landed the role of Mbali in the SABC1 hit series, Mzansi in 2006. She also had a role in the Mzansi Magic mini-series, Like Father Like Son, before publishing her biography entitled “Bitch, Please! I’m Khanyi Mbau” in the year 2012.

In the next year, she began hosting her own talk show, Katch It With Khanyi, on the OpenView HD channel, eKasi+. After attaining massive viewership, the show was nominated for the South African Film and Television Award during its second season in 2015. In that same year, Kudzai Mushonga’s bae won MTV Africa lip sync battle. The Weekend Edition, The Scoop, and The Big Secret are other TV shows hosted by the popular actress.

Over the years, she has been cast in Ashes to Ashes, Umlilo, Uzalo, Abomama, and The Wife. In 2016, Khanyi debuted as Zaza in her first feature film, Happiness is a Four-letter Word. The movie was a box-office success and grossed over R7 million in its third week of release. As a businesswoman, Khanyi Mbau owns a gin brand called I Am Khanyi – Millennial Shimmer Gin.

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