Watch Your Back, Five Kruger Lions Are At Large Causing Mayhem


Reports have it that some Kruger lions are at large; causing mayhem in Komatipoort and its surroundings.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency has confirmed this. According to the agency, five lions escaped their sanctuary at the Kruger National Park, and have been busy attacking cattle.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the Kruger lions have been at large since yesterday’s morning. The Mpumalanga police said the beasts are roaming areas close to the border with Swaziland.

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Specifically, motorists and pedestrians were asked to be cautious at N4 in the Mananga area as the Kruger lions were once spotted under a bridge in the vicinity.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, the spokesperson of Mpumalanga police promised that rangers are already at work to capture the large wildcats. 

The spokesperson of Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency buttressed on that saying: “The weather hasn’t been good so we’re waiting for the mist to clear so that they’re able to use the helicopter to try and locate the lions.

“But at this moment, the guys are still at the scene trying to get these lions. There hasn’t been any progress as yet,” added Kholofelo Nkambule.

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Meanwhile in France on Sunday, a lion attacked a tamer performing at a circus in front of children.

As learnt, the incident happened midway through the show in Doullens, northern France on Sunday afternoon. The lion locked its jaws around the keeper’s throat and dragged him across a circus ring in front of terrified families, reported Mailonline.

The 34-year-old tamer escaped from the arena after smoke was pumped in to distract the lion. The beast lost sight of the tamer, the man escaped and was ferried to a hospital. See video footage below.

At the hospital, he went through five-hour operation but is now recupperating. Mailonline said the tamer’s family remarked that lion wouldn’t be put-away for the incident. It will stay at the circus and resume performances when the tamer has fully recovered.

“The young lion is well treated, well fed and there is no question of euthanasia,” the family reportedly said.