Man Jailed For Chopping-off A Penis And Flushing It Down The Toilet


How long would you like a man who chopped-off your penis and flushed it down the toilet to stay in jail? Before you decide, know that you slept with his wife. Although it was consensual, the man’s wife told him you forced her.

Will the above scenario inspire you to forgive the man who rendered you ‘penis-less’?

Anyway, reports have it that the man who chopped-off and flushed the penis apologized to his victim. The victim in turn apologized to the man for having intimate relationship with his wife.

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That nonetheless, didn’t stop Tokyo District Court from handing the former boxer a four-and-a-half-year prison term for severing and flushing the lawyer’s genitals.

The ex-boxer identified as a 25 years old Ikki Kotsugai reportedly used a garden shears to chop-off the lawyer’s penis. And, flushed it believing his wife ‘s boss forced her to have sex with him.

As gathered, Kotsugai and his wife visited the victim at his law office. After a brief discussion, the ex-boxer punched his wife’s boss in the face until he was almost unconscious.

Kotsugai then unzipped the victim’s pants and carried out his chopping-off and flushing mission.

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While the prosecution sought for a six years sentence, the defense asked the court to suspend sentence arguing that Kotsugia acted under a false claim by his wife.

The District Court however, settled for a four-and-a-half-year prison term.

Speaking, the presiding judge – Kazunori Karei explained that the injury Kotsugai inflicted on his victims are serious to ignore.

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“As a result of the infliction of a truly serious, irreparable injury, the victim continues to be suffer in agony,” stated Judge Karie.