Kodwa Accuses Rupert Of Funding The DA; Calls Him An Arrogant White-Monopoly Capitalist


The spokesperson to the ruling African National Congress (ANC), Zizi Kodwa has criticized one of South Africa’s Business Mogul Johann Rupert for demanding that President Jacob Zuma resign from office.

Accusing the business mogul of sponsoring Democratic Alliance (DA), Ziza called Rupert an arrogant white-monopoly capitalist and an apartheid admirer who was a beneficiary of the apartheid government.

“He is an arrogant white-monopoly capitalist who benefited from the apartheid and the colonial system. We are aware of all of that, we are going to unmask him this week. He is an imperialist who continues to fund the DA.

He said this while undergoing an interview with The New Age. 

Kodwa’s accusations came after Rupert stated in a suggestive manner, that the president should step down and go back to the party’s branches

“For the sake of our children’s future, please resign” Rupert said while responding to reports that Zuma told a meeting of the ANC’s national executive committee that Rupert flew in specially from London to South Africa in December to scheme behind Zuma’s back.

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However, Kodwa seems not to be the only critic of the billionaire. Zuma’s eldest son Edward Zuma, who laid a charge of corruption against him, stated that by calling for Zuma’s resignation, Rupert has by himself confirmed that he is a supporter of the opposition party – the DA.

“Whiteness is on steroids these days. For him to call for President Zuma’s resignation is a confirmation of what we have always known: that he and others have been funding the opposition‚ plotting and orchestrating conditions favorable for the defeat of our National Democratic Revolution‚” he was quoted saying in a Business Day article.

Edward even went further to summon for the probe of other ANC senior members who in one way or the other, had ties with the wealthy families all around the country.

“Why does she want to probe Zuma only? . . . this leaves much to be desired. Names will obviously be told to whoever will be probing these families. These should also be done to all political parties across as it should show fairness and objectivity from the Democratic Alliance‚ Cope and others.” he sa.

On the same hand, the KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo said in a statement the ANCYL would soon send a “strong message” to Rupert “to leave matters of governance to those elected”.

Sabelo, who described Rupert as a “racist imperialist” said Zuma had been properly elected by the ruling ANC party.

Rupert is one of the first high-profile businessmen to speak out strongly about Zuma, the ANC’s failure to act against him and the direction the country was moving.

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