Did You Know South Africa Won The International Moot Court Competition?


For some reasons, this incident is about to pass-by unnoticed. So you probably didn’t know that some South African students participated in an international moot court competition where they emerged the best team.

Representing us were 16 year-old Clara-Marie Mtsheke and 17 year-old Clair Rankin who gained an enthusiastic response from a world panel made up of law experts and judges at the international moot court competition.

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The international moot competition is a platform that gathers students from different background all over the world, particularly, those who fancy being a lawyer to get a feel of the profession. The participants take part in simulated court proceedings which usually include drafting memorials and participating in oral argument.

In this case, 19 countries participated in the international debating competition and the South African team emerged the winners. Our guys were challenged to defend an assumed war criminal. The character was accused of supplying ammunition used in bombing a church.

The panel of law experts marveled when our guys started their argument. It was surprising to watch the 16 year-old Clara-Marie Mtsheke boldly saying; “we believed that he didn’t do it. That he wasn’t guilty. Firstly, he had no knowledge of where the weapons were going to, it was out of the army’s own accord and secondly we submitted that the army was a military objective and it was okay to bomb it.”

Competing against other students from developed countries like USA, China, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Sweden Bulgaria, Netherlands, Venezuela Poland, and Romania, the South African team emerged winners.

Clara Marie Mtsheke and Claire Rankin

With their victory, Rankin related that they were able to win because they realized earlier that it is possible to win the USA team “who were very intimidating and were the clear favorites.”

Mtsheke as well, commented that it was incredible to win. To her, emerging winners was “the proudest moment” of her life. “We went up against the USA and won. This shows that we are all capable of working together to achieve the best results,” Mtsheke jubilated.

Reporting this event, ENCA disclosed that  Mtsheke intends to study law and subsequently, work as a state advocate. She was quoted to have said – “I want to study law. I want to work as a state advocate, so basically a high level prosecutor or I want to work as a human rights lawyer one day.”

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