Kloppers Departmental Stores: How It All Began


There are a number of stores in South Africa where goods can easily be accessed at a much affordable rate.  One of such stores is Kloppers departmental stores.

Kloppers is a departmental store which has branches across most economic striving communities in South Africa, offers a wide range of products at discount prices.

The departmental stores have its headquarter in Bloemfontein, Free state’s provincial capital and has been at its best in ensuring that its customers access a wide range of its products at a very affordable price rate.


Kloppers departmental store were founded in 1967 by Willem Klopper Snr at the time when the now Africa’s fastest growing economy was facing economic challenges following a strict race-based policy which effectively tore the economy into privileged whites and impoverished blacks.

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From the time of its launch,  Kloppers departmental stores were known for making a marginal difference in SA retail market through making products other retailers sell at high-profit much more accessible at give-away prices.

The retail store concentrated on receiving a very high turnover through its low-profit margins with the focus on cash sales and personal service. This differs from other retailers who sold goods at high-profit margins, often on credit.

With the arrival of televisions 1976, Kloppers received a great push above its pair as  South Africans who became price conscious turned into the store for their needed products and Willem who believed that clients who pay cash for a product should pay less than those buying on credit, then gave the store’s motto to be “Cash is king”.

Another factor that pushed Kloppers departmental stores up was the countrywide shutdown of Greatermans branches in 1981. At the demise of the retailing supermarket, Kloppers then bought one of the local branches and moved Kloppers to the Greatermans premises of 10 000 square. metres.

The years between 1983 and 1987 was a little critical for Kloppers as it saw a major power change from Klopper Senior to Klopper Junior. This happened when Willem Jnr. and his brothers Steva and Leon – who in the meantime had joined Kloppers – decided to break away but returned again in 1984to begin a brand new shop, Juniors, on the premises of the old Kloppers.

After much controversies between the new Kloppers and the directors of the old Kloppers, the two merged in 1986. In that same year Filip Naude (CA)- the seventh brother – joined the team and in 1987 one of the twin brothers, Wouter followed. This marked the beginning of Kloppers departmental stores expansion across the country.

Kloppers expanded from the city centre, opening a branch at College Square near Grey College and in October 2002, it opened its modern flagship shop of 7500 square metres at Bloemfontein’s Waterfront. This megastore is now the only Kloppers in Bloemfontein.

Not only did Kloppers departmental stores expand following the opening of the mega store, the stores in other branches expanded. the Waterfront boasts almost three times the number of departments that this business had in 1984.

The departmental stores include sports, outdoor living and camping equipment, weapons and ammunition, school uniforms, electrical appliances, TV, photography, sound, travel accessories, toys, hardware, software, beds and bicycles.

With Kloppers now in the Free State, Western Cape and Eastern Cape, the retail shop is striving to bring a kind of shopping experience to the rest of South Africa. Kloppers hardware department stands as one of the best in the country. It is the biggest department so far.

What basically distinguished Kloppers from its competitors in South Africa was that its administration maintained an old school retail philosophy that stood the test of time: straightforward, honest dealings with all.

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The golden guideline of Willem Klopper Senior and the cornerstone upon which Kloppers was built, i.e. high turnover, low-profit margins as well as quality products and service, still remains firmly in place today and distinguishes Kloppers

Some Of The Branches Of Kloppers Departmental Stores Include: 

Kloppers Bloemfontein:
Loch Logan Waterfront
Henry Street

Kloppers George:
Enterprise Road Pacaltsdorp Industria

Kloppers Knysna:
54 Main Street

Kloppers Port Elizabeth:
17th Quarter Shopping Centre
17th Avenue
Port Elizabeth

Kloppers Sport Brackenfell:
Cape Gate Shopping Centre
c/o Okavango & De Bron Road

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