11 Kitchen Hacks You Need To Make Your Life Easier

Any time spent in the kitchen can either be incredibly fun or incredibly messy without kitchen hacks, but as long as you get a good meal out it, it shouldn’t be considered that bad.

However, cleaning up can be quite time-consuming and not as fun. To help you with that, here are some kitchen hacks that will make your life easier.

kitchen Hacks You Should Try Out

1. Pour Hot Water Down Your Drain

In a tale as old as plumbing, one of the best ways to prevent your drain from clogging with fat and oils from your meals is to constantly pour hot water down the drain. This actually makes the food products stuck in the drain run down, instead of building up. You can also pour baking soda down the drain before the boiled water as this helps combat odors.

2. How To Know Yours Eggs Are Edible Without Cracking Them

eggs test

Just place your raw eggs in a bowl of cold water. If the egg is still good it will sink to the bottom, but if the egg is no longer edible, it will float. The more it floats, the older the egg is. Easy as pie.

3. Excess Herbs

If you bought excess herbs for your meal and you’re not exactly sure when you’re going to use them again and you also don’t just want to leave them to wither away, there’s an answer to this. The best solution is to chop them up, share them into an ice cube tray and pour olive oil over them. Then you place the tray in a plastic bag and allow to freeze. Whenever you need them again, you just pop one oil cube from your tray and add to your meal.

4. Preserving Avocado

To prevent your avocado from turning brown, the best option is to rub olive oil on the cut side before storing in a plastic bag. This will limit the oxidization and allow your avocado last longer.

5. Too Much Salt In Your Soup?

If you accidentally put too much salt in your soup or sauce, just peel a potato and put it into the soup whole. This will definitely soak up the extra salt. This is one hack everyone needs to know.

6. When Your Cutting Board Keeps Slipping

If your cutting board keeps giving you problems by slipping when you use it while you’re cutting, the solution to this is probably the easiest in the books. Just put a damp kitchen towel under it, the friction will ensure the board stays in place. This is generally safer and also prevents unnecessary risks like knicking your hands while you’re cutting.

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7. Use A Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon hack

To keep your pot from boiling over, just place a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. This prevents an overflow of the starchy water and stops your stove top from getting messy. Why? Because the bubbles are full of steam and once they come in contact with anything below boiling temperature, the steam reverts to liquid form and falls back into the pot.

Note: this becomes less effective as the spoon gets hotter.

8. Remedy For Stale Bread

If your loaf of bread is getting stale, simply turn it upside down under a tap and allow the water run through it. After this, you wrap the bread in tin foil and warm it in your oven at 200 degrees. Just like that, the bread is as good as new, no need to throw it out. Now, this is one of the kitchen hacks that will save you lots of money.

9. Do Onions Make You Cry?

You can easily fix that with a slice of bread. There are amino acid sulfoxides in onions, which become sulfur gas when cut, the sulfur gas becomes sulfuric acid when it meets the water in your eyes thereby inducing the tears; when you slice your onions with a slice of bread in your mouth, the slice stops the sulfur gas from making it to your eyes in the first place, thus, crisis averted.

Another simple solution for when you want to save your bread slices is to put your onions in the freezer till its chilled before cutting them.

10. Saving Gravy

If you prefer saving your gravy in a ziplock bag or plastic bag but have trouble steadying your bag, this kitchen hack might be just what you need. Place the bag in glass or bowl and fold the top over the lid to cuff it, and then pour your gravy, sauce or soup in. Most people prefer using the ziplock bag instead of Tupperware because they don’t have to do dishes, it’s a lot easier to throw the bag away when you’re done than to wash the Tupperware.

11. Dirty Sponges

The microwave is a perfect too for many kitchen hacks and is the answer you need if you have dirty sponges. Just wet your sponge before putting it into the microwave and heat it for just a few seconds. This will kill the germs in your sponge as the moisture in the sponge will actually make the microwave easier to clean, helping you kill two birds with one stone.

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