Kim Kholiwe Bio: What to Know About the Instagram Model

Kim Kholiwe is a South African Instagram model, socialite, twerker, entrepreneur, reality TV personality, and fashion icon. She is one of the new generations of celebrities whom social media have launched into the limelight, and she is making good use of her fame.

Kholiwe has an active fan base and a large following on social media. Her beautiful face, fashion sense, and curvy physique have earned her this huge following. She does not fail to give her fans something to feed their eyes with, as all her pictures look professional.

Kim Kholiwe’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Kimberly Kholiwe Nomonde Cindi
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: October 21, 1997
  • Kim Kholiwe’s Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kim Kholiwe’s Children: 1 – Okuhle Hakim Cindi
  • Famous for: Being a social media influencer
  • Kim Kholiwe’s Instagram: @Kim_kholiwe

What Is Kim Kholiwe’s Age?

Kim Kholiwe is currently 26 years old and was born in South Africa on October 21, 1997. She has not shared information about her childhood, siblings, and parents. However, there are reports that her parents were both Christians; as such, she most likely had a Christian upbringing. It is also known that her parents did as much as they could to see that she had everything she needed.

She had her elementary and high school education in South Africa, and after completing high school, she went to further her education at the University of South Africa. Unfortunately, we don’t have details of the course she studied.

Kim Kholiwe Began Her Career in Entertainment in 2012

As early as age 15, Kim Kholiwe had already figured out where her passion lay. Around 2012 when ‘twerking’ became a trend across the country, Kim and her friends Faith Nketsi, Theresa Malinga, Samantha Malinga, and Refiloe Nktesi created a twerk group called Protwerkers.

Their twerking skills earned them fame across the country as they were invited to several events to perform. Although the group no longer exists, Kim Kholiwe is still close friends with Faith Nketsi and Tebogo Thobejane.

She is a Social Media Influencer

On Instagram, Kim Kholiwe has over 617k followers, most of whom love her for her amazing personality and fashion sense. Most of the pictures and videos she shares have over 20,000 likes and comments.

With these high numbers of followers and engagement, Kim Kholiwe has become a target for brands who reach out to work with her. As such, the 26-year-old has worked with several brands, including Result Skin Care and Unwinshair.

She has over 11k followers on Tik Tok, where she shares twerk videos and videos with her child and friends. Social media has contributed a lot to Kim Kholiwe’s fame. With the way she is consistent about dropping interesting video content and beautiful pictures, her followers and fame can only increase.

She is Also a TV Personality

As you already know, Kim Kholiwe and Faith Nketsi have been best friends for as long as we know, so it is no surprise that Kim is a major cast member of Faith’s reality TV show, Have Faith. The show is a reality TV series that airs on MTV and revolves around the life of Faith Nketsi.

Through the show, Kim Kholiwe has gathered a lot of fans and social media followers for herself. There are reports that Kim gains additional followers with each episode of the reality TV show.

Kim Kholiwe Is A South African Socialite

Kim Kholiwe and her friends Faith Nketsi and Tebogo Thobejane are one of South Africa’s top socialites. Together with her friends, they formed a group dubbed “Triple Threat.” They go out together, make Tik Tok videos, and share their pictures on social media. Their lifestyles are full of glamour and elegance, and all three ladies are social media influencers.

Of all of Kim’s friends, it is obvious that she has a special thing for Faith Nketsi and the feeling seems to be mutual. They often share pictures of each other on social media, and the caption is usually heartwarming.

Kim Kholiwe And Her Friends Have Been Accused Of Running A Prostitution Ring

In 2018, Kim Kholiwe, Faith Nketsi, and Tebogo Thobejane were accused of running a prostitution ring under the guise of a modeling agency. It was rumored that Faith Nketsi’s agency was only a cover for the prostitution business she runs with her friends.

An anonymous lady claimed to have joined Faith’s model management agency to make money quickly but was raped by a gang of six men, and after the assault, she was paid R20,000 to stay silent about it. Another Twitter user claimed that many girls were selling their bodies for money under cover of a modeling agency.

In response, Faith Nketsi made a statement on Instagram, debunking all the allegations laid against her company. She has since asked the faceless accuser to step forward and not hide in the shadows.

Did Kim Kholiwe Do Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Kim Kholiwe has had plastic surgery. Seeing Kim Kholiwe’s curves and perfect body and face, you can’t help but suspect that she has gone under the knife. Well, she has admitted to getting cosmetic enhancement. She visited Beverly Hills in 2018 and had Dr. Simon Ourian perform a non-surgical chin augmentation on her, and she loves the outcome.

If you are wondering whether she has worked on her boobs and butts, we can’t say for sure until she reveals as much. However, writing about her without talking about her curves will make the post incomplete. Kim is currently serving body goals to a good number of ladies. Whether her body is natural or not, she is rocking it as much as she can.

The 26-Year-Old Slay Queen Has A Son

In 2020, Kim Kholiwe got pregnant with her son, but she did not reveal it until the later part of the year – October 2020. In the trailer for the second season of Have Faith which was released on the 27th of October 2020, Kim wowed fans when she showed off her baby bump. And following the trailer’s release, Kim released pictures of her baby bump on Instagram.

On the 3rd of February 2021, she welcomed her bundle of joy and called him Okuhle Hakim Cindi. She has opened an Instagram account for him, and he already has over 35k followers. Her son is currently 3 years old, and of course, Faith Nketsi is his godmother.

She Has Not Revealed Her Baby Daddy’s Identity

While Kim Kholiwe is always making videos with her son and showing him off, she is yet to reveal who his father is. During an episode of Have Faith, Kim mentioned that her baby daddy’s wife had banned him from coming to see her son. She added that she was not informed about his marriage, and she only found out through the grapevine.

However, eagle-eyed viewers of the show have since come up with the speculation that Londie London’s husband, Hlubi Nkosi, was Kim Kholiwe’s baby daddy. They even dragged Londie London on Twitter and accused her of being a bad person. During an Instagram life, Londie cleared the air about Hlubi Nkosi having a child with Kim Kholiwe, clearly stating that it was false.

On Kim Kholiwe’s end, she is yet to spill any other information in that regard and is so far doing a great job with being a single mother. There are reports that her baby daddy gifted her a car worth R1.5 million in December 2021. Like she is yet to reveal her baby daddy, Kim Kholiwe has not revealed her current relationship status.

Kim Kholiwe Lives a Glamorous Lifestyle

Scrolling through Kim’s social media accounts and watching her on Have Faith, it’s easy to tell that Kim  Kholiwelives a glamorous lifestyle. She wears fancy and expensive clothes, shoes, hair, and jewelry and is the owner of a luxury car – a Range Rover – with which she cruises around town. Also, most of the pictures she shares on Instagram are professional shots, and she usually uses very luxurious backgrounds.

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