Hakuna Matata: Kanye West’s Marriage To Kim Hasn’t Hit The Rocks


After all said and done, US rapper Kanye West’s marriage to KUWTK star Kim Kardashian West has not hit the rocks as many speculated.

Ever since the robbery in October involving Kim and Kanye’s hospitalisation a month later, negative reports threatened to tear the two apart.

They have been analysed from all angles and the conclusion always points to the fact that the end is near for their marriage.

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Notwithstanding, the couple have proven beyond doubt that they are not making any plans to pull the plug on their union. Irrespective of what reports may say.

Following the rapper’s release from the medical centre, reports from sites including Us Weekly claimed that the much-loved Hollywood famous couple are bowing to the pressure around them.

The reports claimed that Kim is feeling like a trapped animal in her marriage with Kanye. Thus, she wants out but she’s willing to wait for her husband to bounce back to health.

Aside all the negative vibes, sources have revealed to TMZ that the couple are even closer than before. However, it’s true they are going through intense emotional struggles right now, but they are not letting all of that come between them.

Kanye West's Marriage

According to TMZ reports, Kanye is working on getting better and is already feeling strong enough to go back to making good music. But, the rapper plans to take baby steps for now by not taking on any big projects in the near future.

E! News also reported that Kim has Kanye’s back no matter the situation. The reality TV star is trying hard to balance a lot of things all at once. From recovering from her trauma from the robbery, to supporting Kanye and making sure their kids are happy.

At the end, it’s still XoXo in Kanye West’s marriage to Kim. Hakuna matata.