Khwezi’s Death Could Bring Zuma’s Rape Saga To A Lasting End


While South African’s mourn the demise of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, (Khwezi) the woman who accused President Jacob Zuma of rape, there are growing speculations that her death could bring the case of her accused rape to a dead end and on the other hand, bring a lasting rest to the accused.

Kuzwayo, named Khwezi by her public supporters,  died on the 8th day of the month of October after she was reportedly diagnosed with HIV/Aids in 1990.

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On May 8, 2006- exactly 10 years on Sunday, Khwezi accused President Jacob Zuma of rape.

Her alleged rape case tore the country along the lines of her supporters and those of the president as the high court in Johannesburg presided over the case.

The 31-year-old Khwezi had accused Zuma of rape after they had unprotected sex at his home in November 2005.

During the trial, the president said he believed that Khwezi was sending him sexual signals by wearing a knee-­length skirt and no underwear under her khanga.

A judge in the high court at that time, ruled that the encounter was consensual adding that Khwezi had had a history of making rape claims that turned out to be false and that he did not believe Mr. Zuma would risk raping her when a police guard and his daughter were nearby.

Years after  the dismissal of the case, Khwezi’s supporters continued to seek legal justice even as the Zuma supporters  claimed she lied and seduced him wearing a khanga.

While condolences flooded to Khwezi’s family, Kenny Kunene- the Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance and businessman took to twitter to write before deleting it, that was a “pity” that we would never know who bought her khanga and sent her to the president’s house.

According to the citizens, Kunene was referring to the argument that Zuma’s defence presented, saying the rape charge against him was part of a political conspiracy.

This comes after a fresh argument arose in court this year on the claim that former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils sent Khwezi to entrap Zuma among other things.

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“Condolences to Khwezi’s family. Pity we’ll never know who bought her khanga n used/sent her to JZ house. May her soul rest in peace…” kunene reportedly wrote on Monday morning.