Zuma’s Alleged Rape Victim Khwezi Reacts To Solidarity Protest Against Zuma


Following President Jacob Zuma’s demeaning outing on Saturday; where a group of four women ‘reminded’ him about Khwezi –  a nickname given to a woman who accused Zuma of raping her about 10 years ago; the ‘victim’ (Khwezi) said she is humbled by the solidarity shown by the four women.

Zuma was brought so low on Saturday during a live broadcast of the local election results at the IEC results operations centre when a group of four women cut him down to size.

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The four women form part of a campaign called #1in3; which kicks against rape culture in South Africa.

Khwezi Supporters Slipped Into The Hall

As gathered, the four made their way to IEC operations center in disguise (as accredited EFF electoral staff). And when Zuma took over the podium; they silently stood up, facing the guests and television cameras.

While the four faced the guests with their placards, Zuma’s security hurriedly shoved the women out together with their placards which read; “I am one in three”; “10 years later”; “Khanga” and “Remember Khwezi”.

Zuma on his part looked on disoriented and distracted.

While security men hurled the women away, the president was sighted laughing at the women.

Speaking afterwards, one of the protesters, Simamkele Dlakavu, a student activist from Wits said; “We decided to protest because we did not want the nation to forget about Khwezi. We believe Khwezi. We remember what was done to her and we support her.”

In 2006, a woman, nicknamed ‘Khwezi’ accused Zuma of raping her. But, Zuma was acquitted in court; even though he admitted to sleeping with the young woman. The president rather argued that the ‘act’ was consensual.

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Meanwhile, investigations on how the four #RememberKhwezi anti-rape protesters were able to disrupt Zuma’s speech are underway.

State Security Minister; David Mahlobo says he wants a full report on the “security breach” that saw Zuma humiliated.

ANC Women’s League president; Bathabile Dlamini has however slammed the IEC and the EFF for putting up such ignoble protest in a bid to deflate Zuma and open an ugly scar.