Malema Attacks Dlanga For Implying The EFF Is Overly Submissive To The DA


The Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has descended hard on social commentator Khaya Dlanga after he found fault with the latter’s perceived derisive comment on EFF.

According to Malema, the EFF is nobody or party’s puppet and won’t hesitate to act for or against any individual or political party in the country. More so, the CIC questioned Dlanga’s business with the EFF on how the party chooses to run its affairs.

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Dlanga sparked off anger in the EFF’s camp when he took to twitter and posted that the EFF failed to keep its promise by crowning Herman Mashaba the new mayor of Johannesburg, irrespective of the party’s outright objection to his election.

Khaya Dlanga’s Derisive Comment

He posted:

“The DA is celebrating. So we have a new mayor. EFF bends to the will of the DA and makes Mashaba mayor. Wow.”

In response, Malema posted: “@khayadlanga what EFF does is non of your business Varara,” – asserting that Dlanga should face his job and not be a meddler.

BuzzSouthAfrica recalls that last week, the EFF vowed not to crown Mashaba the mayor of Joburg. According to the radical party, which was up in arms with the DA mayoral candidate then, Mashaba deserved not to be crowned because he hates his blackness and had not been in touch with the plights of poor people.

However, events took a different path today when the EFF supported the mayoral candidate during elections in the coveted metro. The party also celebrated with the new mayor, to the disbelief of the ANC.

Remarkably, the DA also won the two other paramount positions in the metro. DA’s Kevin Wax was elected the Chief Whip, while Vasco da Gama was elected the Speaker of Council.

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