Skin-lightening Boosts Your Immune System – Khanyi Mbau On Her ‘Pink Skin’ Outcry


After being likened to raw chicken, Khanyi Mbau has come out to the set the record straight over the color of her skin.

Last week Tuesday saw Khanyi on the trend list for every social media platform after a picture of her looking overly fair emerged.

Consequently, Twitter users labeled her skin “pink” and also said she looked like “raw chicken”. As a result, Khanyi became the talk of the town for some days.

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Nevertheless, the actress and radio presenter didn’t waste any time in hitting back at the backlash with her spicy clap backs.

Speaking on the upheaval she caused on social media, Khanyi Mbau told Phat Joe on East Coast radio during an interview that the picture was “over filtered,” causing her complexion to appear pink.

“It was a picture that was over-filtered and people assumed that that was the color of my skin.”

In other words, what we saw in the picture is an exaggeration of what her skin looks like in reality.

In addition, she pointed out that the picture availed people the opportunity to talk about her skin lightening journey which she started six years ago.

“It has always been a question but people weren’t strong enough to come out and ask me why am I getting lighter and lighter every year. Eventually, that picture opened up the opportunity for people to come at me‚ and say‚ ‘we know what you’re doing,” she said.

Khanyi Mbau

Asked why she embarked on her skin-lightening journey, Khanyi listed a myriad of reasons, which includes that it boosts your immune system.

“There is something about a woman who looks brighter‚ but there is a difference between lightening and bleaching. Lightening is non-invasive‚ it also boosts your immune system and helps with anti-ageing.”

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She also revealed that she’s using herself as a sort of ‘lab rat’ so that she can open her own clinic one day.

“I found love in this‚ and I’m using myself as a study‚ so that I can then open similar clinics one day,” she added.

After much ado, Khanyi Mbau has remained unfazed about what people had to say about her skin color.