DA’s Msimanga On How Former ANC Mayor’s Men Squandered Taxpayers’ R90m


Two directors, along with other council officials, who worked with former ANC Tshwane mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa, have been served with notices to appear before a disciplinary committee next month for squandering R90 million.

The directors’ shady deals came to light after an investigation by DA mayor Solly Msimanga found they lavished the money on over-inflated upgrades to Pretoria City Hall. Msimanga also discovered that the directors handed out tenders to friends and family.

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A breakdown of where the R90 million worth of upgrades had gone so far shows that the men spent R4000 per metre for wallpaper, R18 million to a valuable musical organ, and allegedly inflated the normal price of bathroom tiles by 400%.

Speaking further in a statement, Msimanga said, “it appears that the officials were complicit in breaking the law, inflating prices and allowing the contractor to fleece the City of Tshwane while destroying parts of the City Hall building.”

The mayor added that his administration discovered that his predecessor signed off another R138 million worth of upgrades to Pretoria City Hall over a period of four years despite lavishing the R90m on the botched renovation.

He accused former ANC mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa of sidelining the council’s chief financial officer, ignoring the National Treasury and failing to pass the budget through council as required by law.

With these, Msimanga vowed to bring the directors and their cohorts to book for robbing the people of tens of millions of rands and blighting the structure of the historic building.

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He admitted that several companies who had wanted to use the city hall for shooting films – one of them actually wanted to shoot Mandela’s Rivonia trial – quickly changed their minds due to the reckless state of the building.

In conclusion, Msimanga said he’s left with no choice now but to clean up Ramokgopa’s mess in order to restore dignity to the city hall.

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