Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Alternate Ending: Trevor, Late Night Show Hosts Weigh In On The Uproar


Apparently, there’s a Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad alternate ending that appears more real than what they showed us earlier.

Both Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan and Pepsi saw themselves hogging headlines following the release of the company’s new ad on Wednesday.

As soon as the ad was released, it received massive backlash. It was widely mocked and criticised for appearing to trivialise serious protests for social justice causes. Commentators on social media accused Pepsi of appropriating imagery from consequential real life protests to sell its product. Again, the ad ignored the danger protesters encounter and the frustration they feel at times like that.

In the video which Pepsi had planned to use in a global ad campaign, reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner comes across a scene of protesters. Subsequently, Jenner abandons her photo shoot and joins the crowd, which approaches a line of police officers.

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The part of the video that got everyone talking was the part that turned what would have been a tense standoff in the real world into cheers and smiles. This refers to the part when Jenner, a ‘white woman’ picks up a can of Pepsi cola and offers it to an officer who accepts and drinks it with a smile.

Activists described the scene as a precise opposite of the real-world experience of protesting police brutality. One can actually get a bullet in the head for approaching the police at times like that.

Moreover, the image of Jenner approaching the police clearly referenced the iconic photograph of 18-year-old black woman Ieshia Evans who stood her ground in the face of heavily armoured riot police during a Black Lives Matter protest following the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling by police in 2016.

Though Pepsi has since apologised and pulled the controversial ad from YouTube, late night TV hosts and comedians have joined the conversation to roast both the company and Kendall.

Here’s Seth Meyers version of the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad alternate ending;

Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but notice the look on the face of Jenner’s assistance.

And Trevor Noah is not left out of the conversation;