Kendall Jenner: 14 Reasons She Got Unstanned By Her Fans


It’s been a rough few months for the Jenner sisters and it’s finally taken a toll on Kendall Jenner fan account, Kendall Updates (@knjdaily on Twitter).

The model and reality TV star’s former ardent supporters have turned against her and have officially decided to unstan (to quit supporting) her. Consequently, they’ve created a thread to express the reasons behind the decision which they say is long overdue.

Notably, a stan is simply one who is obsessed about a particular celebrity and supports him/her excessively. Therefore, to unstan someone would mean to completely quit supporting them and what they stand for.

Thus, Kendall Jenner Updates Twitter handle has decided that it’s enough with Kendall’s year of bad decisions. Her supporters were also kind enough to share the reasons behind the decision to unstan her with the help of a thread that contains 14 reasons why they decided to quit supporting the model.

The thread started with an apology, saying they should have done this a long time ago.

Here are the reasons why Kendall Jenner has been unstanned

More on the reason for unstanning Kendall…

From that misguided Pepsi ad; the Fyre Festival fiasco; making the list of worst dressed at the 2017 Met Gala; backlash for appearing on the cover of Vogue India and more recently, the Notorious B.I.G/ Tupac T-shirt controversy, it’s pretty obvious Kendall is having one of those moments when everything you do literally falls apart. And now her fans base has turned against her as well.

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Apparently, the last few months must have taught the supermodel that the number of times you slayed on the runway walks and your millions of Instagram likes cannot protect you from social media backlash when the time comes. Not even her pretty face could make her fans stand by her side at a time she needs them the most.