Pics: Actress KB Motsilanyane Spotted On Instagram Without Her Clothes On!


Singer and actress KB Motsilanyane gave fans a very racy souvenir to keep their minds occupied through the weekend.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the celebrated actress shared a professional shot of herself in all her glory.

Without mincing words, KB literally posed stark naked in the shot. With her beautifully toned body in full view, the actress appears very confident in her skin.

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Unabashed and feeling less concerned about what anybody has to say, KB shared the photograph on the social media for all to see. And before you get too excited, she conveniently covered all the very private parts. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop the hair-raising effect from taking its toll on anyone who sets eyes on it.

Why She Did It?

While we are enjoying the view, we might as well take some time to go through what inspired the titillating snap. Not that celebrities need any reason to strip these days, but KB Motsilanyane’s caption reflected the immense pride she takes in her body and her whole personality.

“So often we place others’ opinion of us above our own. We let them decide who and what we are. Be your own ambassador. Trust your journey. Run your own marathon. Be the beholder of your own beauty… inside out,” she wrote alongside the racy snap.

Apparently, the actress was using her flawless skin to send a message to fans to encourage them to be confident in their own skin. In addition, she advised them never to allow others define them.

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Notably, the post got a lot of thumbs up from her followers who managed to grab the message in spite of all the distraction. And I bet it will not be easily forgotten, at least not with a picture of that flawless skin lingering.