Check Out Star-Studded Line-Up On Kaya FM


A Gauteng-based radio station, Kaya FM, is bringing some of the pleasant voices back on the radio. The likes of Thomas Msengana, Bridget Masinga, and Idols Proverb will soon light up the sound marines through the radio station.

Earlier, Kaya FM promised whole new “exciting” additions in their line-up. The changes, which will be announced today, affects the aforementioned personalities.

As a result of the changes, radio veteran Thomas will host a Friday and Saturday evening dance show, the Epic Rhythm. Thomas, who recently left 5FM‚ will start working on his new gig from September 9.

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Meanwhile, radio darling Bridget Masinga shocked many last months when she announced that she would be leaving Jacaranda FM, and now is making a grand return.

She’s ready to please her fans, and they can’t wait to hear her on the airwaves once again. The radio host has secured a new arts and culture show on Kaya FM, which will hit the airwaves from Monday to Wednesday and Sunday from 10 pm to midnight.

Accordingly, iconic hip-hop star Proverb has also secured a spot on the station. Proverb, the host and Executive Producer of Idols South Africa, has previously been on the station as a guest presenter. He has presently secured his own show as the host of the Top 40 every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm‚ from September 10.

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Recently, South Africa has seen a massive exodus from one radio station to another. Metro FM; Jacaranda FM; East Coast Radio and so on, were some of the affected stations. This has led to several changes on radio slots, especially on Metro FM. Due to the resignation of some key hosts, the radio station had to re-allocate slots.