Kasi Mlungu: Twitter Roasts Local White DJ For Declaring Herself Black


Local DJ from East Rand The DuchAz got a taste of Twitter wrath following her tweet about being black even though she’s white and declaring herself as Kasi Mlungu.

The DJ tweeted about her personality, suggesting that she’s a black girl who is trapped in a white girl’s body.

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This ruffled a few feathers on Twitter and the DJ whose name is Anita Ronge got to feel the heat.

Here’s her tweet;

“I get rejected for not being ‘black enough’ and being ‘too black’ to be white… I’m #KasiMlungu & I’m proud.”

Expectedly, users pounced on her, telling her she’s not black. Some even went as far as testing her ‘blackness’ with traditionally black trivia. Consequently, #KasiMlungu became a trend on the social media platform.

Below are some of the responses and funny memes she got on Twitter;

Mawgqok [email protected] tweeted; “@TheDuchAz since you’re Kasi Mlungu‚ what does “Black Mampatile” mean and when is it said??”

Ms Tsoaeli tweeted; “Ausi‚ o lekgowa. [Sister‚ you’re a white person] You’re not black. Black isn’t a costume you can wear and take off at your convenience.”

Lesego Semenya tweeted; “Kasi Mlungu se moer. When Codesa was going on and our homes were being hit ka teargas I highly doubt she would have chilled ko kasi”

Mnqwenowethu Vayi tweeted; “buyisa laamhlaba Mntase then we can negotiate”‚ which loosely translated means “Bring back the land and then we can negotiate.”

Nonetheless, some users rallied round her, telling her to live her life the way she deems fit.

Dutch Om’nandi @Duxtch tweeted: “If we can accept men sleeping with men and even marrying each other‚ surely we can accept @TheDuchAz being a white black person.”

Joy @mrs–madiba tweeted: “Leave kasi mlungu alone she was born a humanself so now she chose to identify as black ??”

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Onigwe Mndu @Onigwe  tweeted; “you all speak English more than your vernacs, put fake lashes and nails sonu can look like Mlungu but you reject #kasimlungu”

The young DJ has since become the talk of Twitter town.