Kapata Declares Laupula Patriotic Front’s ‘Bedroom’, Bans Campaigns By Other Parties


Zambia’s Minister for Arts and Tourism Jean Kapata has banned other political parties from campaigning in Laupula. Kapata bluntly instructed her party officials not to entertain political campaigns from rival parties. She openly labelled Laupula her party’s ‘bedroom’.

Kapata gave this charge in Mansa at Henry Court yard lodge. She made it known to party officials from Bahati and Mansa Central Constituencies. Furthermore, she enjoined them to  see to it that rival parties get no vote from Laupula province.

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Kapata’s comments made the rounds just days after President Edgar Lungu directed his cabinet members to desist from providing a level playing ground for tribalism in the country. President Edgar is the Patriotic Front (PF) member that was elected to complete the five-year term of Zambia’s former President Michael Sata.

It would be recalled that Jean kapata was appointed the Minister of Tourism and Arts by late President Michael Sata who passed away in 2014. Before kapata’s appointment, she manned the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health as it’s Deputy Minister. Also, her appointment as a minister came when Sylvia Masebo was shown the exit door for ‘bringing the name of the President into ridicule, contempt and disrepute’.

However, Kapata Jean urged all and sundry who were present in the meeting to cast their votes for the Patriotic Front (PF) come August 11th 2016 when Zambia will hold a tripartite election. The election is expected to see power wrestle between Patriotic Front’s Edgar Lungu and United Party for National Development’s Hichilema Hakainde

It would be recalled that Kapata, who is Patriotic Front’s election chairperson has lately intensified calls for the re-election of president Edgar Lungu. In one of her moves for the reinstatement of the president last year, she notably said,

“We are very happy as a ruling party that the President will assent to the constitution amendment bill in the first week of January next year, and this will mean that we hold the general elections under a new constitution.
“It will mean that the President has to win the elections with a 50 percent-plus-one vote. This should give us a task to campaign more vigorously,” Ms Kapata said

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Also, Kapata has moved to address issues that are likely to pose problems to her party. She said that the party is bigger than any individual and as such, the party is not prepared to welcome internal fights and other differences from members. She maintained that following the death of former President Sata, there have been several indications from some members who wish to run for the post of the president. On that note, she advised other party members who crave for popularity to go join other political parties because – nobody is bigger than PF.

That notwithstanding, an anonymous source revealed that most people that attended the function were merely there to satisfy their stomachs. Hence, kapata’s call would be discarded. The source further said that the people have earlier resolved to show PF the exit door during the forth coming election.

In Zambia, Luapula province is one of the ten provinces that make up the country. The provincial capital of Laupula is Mansa. Laupula is also located in the northern side of the country. It is worthy to note that Luapula province was named after the Laupula River. More so, the Lapuna River is a section of the Congo, Africa’s second largest river. The Laupula is connected from Lake Bangweulu (in Zambia) to Lake Mweru (LakeMweru is being shared by two countries).