Watch: Kagiso Modupe Demystifies The Myth About Celebrities


Perhaps one of the oldest actor on Scandal!, Kagiso Modupe has been in the entertainment industry long enough to know what it’s like to live under the stereotype plaguing celebrities.

Kagiso is one of only two cast members who’ve been on Scandal! since the very start.

Most times, people fail to remember that celebrities are humans too. The truth is; they have to hustle like the rest of us to keep up the charade. This was what motivated the actor to embark on a quest to change this stereotype.

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Thus, he launched a social media series, where he plans to dish out the “truth” surrounding the lives of celebrities. Through the series entitled The Real Facts About the Industry, Kagiso plans to demystify all myths fans have about celebs.

Therefore, taking to Instagram Kagiso revealed that he will be doing a weekly video clip. Each clip will trash a particular myth fans have about their favourite celebs.

In the debut clip, Kagiso Modupe said;

“Have you ever bumped into your favourite celebrity and they were in a taxi, or bus, or any form of public transport. The first reaction is to say ‘hayi wena hamba taxi’. The reality is that we are contract workers and banks don’t like to give us loans, so we have to hustle more to buy things cash.”

Kagiso explained that the aim of this weekly series is to prove to fans that celebrities are “humans too.” He went on to hint that next week will be even more interesting. According to the actor, next week will be about why high-profile personalities are sometimes seen as ‘rude’. This happens mostly when approached for pictures in public.

Watch Kagiso Modupe on The Real Facts About the Industry

Generally, the stereotype of the life of a celebrity as a perfect one makes it hard for people to see them as humans. TV/radio personality Penny Lebyane had a first-hand experience of this when she had money issues.

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However, she tried to emphasise that being a renowned personality does not mean she can’t have life’s challenges. She reportedly defaulted on a rental agreement in 2013 with Fiona Hudgson’s company; Hudfam CC. In order to settle her debts, Penny sold off some of her personal belongings which baffled some people.