Kabelo Mabalane Joins Quest To Promote Circumcision


Musician and actor, Kabelo Mabalane, has collaborated with the government to promote circumcision.

Having had a firsthand experience of what it feels like to be uncircumcised, Kabelo is out to get more men to get circumcised. The musician voluntarily volunteered as an ambassador for the campaign because he is passionate about it.

Thus, he shared his own story with fans. According to the Kwaito musician, he was already grown up before he made the decision to get circumcised.

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He explained that what stirred the urge in him was the fact that he was the odd man out among his friends. While speaking to his friends after school, it dawned on him that he was the only uncircumcised fellow among them. He thought about it and decided to get the procedure done. Surprisingly, he didn’t find it as painful as was imagined.

“I went to a hospital for an upgrade and I was pleasantly surprised that there was minimal pain,” Kabelo said.

Having gone through the procedure and seen the benefits, he decided to spread the good news. And because the Kwaito star reaches a lot of people through his voice as a popular celebrity, he embarked on this journey to become a voice for the campaign. Moreover, he aims at promoting a healthier lifestyle among men and women.

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“Now I am a vocal advocate for circumcision as part of a healthier lifestyle for men and women alike, and to make people aware that we are still not beating the war on HIV infections.”

Earlier this year, Kabelo Mabalane led a community march against drug abuse in Eersterust, east of Pretoria. The singer is desperate to save youths from the monster (drug abuse) that almost ruined his life 14 years ago.