Defiant Malema Tells ANC MPs To Jump Into The Nearest Hell


The African National Congress (ANC) ought to have realised by now that the Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Sello Malema, is a man who readily trades his decency for justice and objectivity especially in the face of opposition.

It was a sorry sight at the National Assembly during a debate on the August 3 local government elections on Tuesday as Malema bashed the ANC for insinuating that the EFF is a party driven by bitterness and vengeance.

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Attacking the ruling party, Juju emphasised that the ANC won the wooden spoon and greatly lost most metros to opposition parties because the party had lost its dignity, confidence, support and had dug its grave even before the elections.

He further slammed the Zuma-led party for sowing discord in the country by condemning EFF’s coalition with the DA in hung municipalities.

He reminded them that forming a coalition with the DA was an emergency measure as EFF would return to fighting white monopoly capital immediately it delivers South Africa from the brink of collapse.

Julius Sello Malema added:

“We will never vote for a party presided over by a person who defied the Constitution. This is the party that killed our people in Marikana. We will never vote for you. He will never get our vote. Don’t blame it on the EFF. It is of your own making. You’ve got yourself to blame. You are self-destructing. You can jump into the nearest hell.”

He also slammed Zuma for enriching himself and family, adding that the president will never get EFF’s vote. He rather sarcastically told the ANC to take its ‘Instagram celebrity ministers’ to campaign and vote for it.

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In addition, DA leader Mmusi Maimane reminded ANC MPs that the lesson of the August 3 election is very clear – which is never to take the voters for granted.

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