Malema: We Will Do In 5 Years What ANC Couldn’t Do In 104 Years


Election campaigns are almost over and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema used the golden opportunity to deliver a mind blowing speech, reminding the people about the visions of his party.

This time, Malema tells party supporters to vote EFF in and see what the party would do in less than five years.

Malema once again stood before thousands of supporters at a rally at Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Sunday, telling them that the party has run a positive campaign that didn’t rely on celebrities and “dodgy” tenderpreneurs.

There, Malema paid much attention on the promises he had made previously, which included free electricity and water for the poor and better housing conditions.

He also reiterated his call for increased social grants, promising to pay the elderly R3 000 and child grants going up to R600.

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However, he said all these can only be accomplished or achieved when the people vote for the party.

Malema went ahead to request that the people give him just five years to do what the ruling African National Congress couldn’t do in its 104-year old.

“We are not asking for too much, South Africa, we are not asking for a lot; just give us five years. Look at what we have done in just three years. We are the only ones who can take on the ANC toe-to-toe, a 3-year-old, taking on a 104-year-old,” he said.

Malema went in his usual form of criticizing the ruling party saying the party has been stealing from government not minding the sufferings of of the masses who elected them in.

The commander-in-chief went ahead tell supporters they needed to question why they were suffering if they had selected the right political party. He questioned the amount of money said to have been used by the ANC for its election campaign and said the billion rand spent could have gone a long way in settling the needs of poor south Africa students.

“One billion in three months campaigning; imagine if they gave it to students at TUT, Wits, Unisa, UniVen (the University of Venda) or even the University of Limpopo?

“Imagine if they had given that money to all the needy students. Ask yourself, where did that billion rand go?” he asked

Julius Malema however claimed the EFF spent only R10 million on election campaigns. He said the party got its funding from the IEC, Parliament and a loan collected from Standard Bank. “We don’t have money from government, tenderprenuers or all those dodgy characters,” he reiterated.

Stop Sacrificing The Future of Your Children

EFF’s Julius Malema also called on residents and party supporters to desist from exchanging the future of their children for food parcels and Zuma/ Madela T-shirts which they receive only on election days.

“Leave food parcels, stop loving T-shirts more than your own future, your children’s future and the country’s future. They have been giving you T-shirts from 1994 until now.

“You have T-shirts including those of former President Nelson Mandela and now you are sitting at home with a Jacob Zuma T-shirt – you cannot eat, live or get work from a T-shirt. You are prepared to vote for corruption in exchange of a T-shirt,” he said.

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Malema’s speech reached a cheering crowd inside the stadium, he thanked the leaders in the party and its ground forces on how they had behaved themselves through out the campaign period.

The EFF gave away wheelchairs and blankets to some who attended the event and Julius Malema rounded off his address by wishing all the other political parties well.

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