EFF MPs Carry Out Their Major Threat Against President Jacob Zuma


Juju’s party has brought to fruition the threat the party made against President Jacob Zuma about today’s Parliamentary question-and-answer session.

In the early hours of today, the left-wing party vowed to humiliate Zuma by abstaining from making Parliamentary appearances.

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At 15:00 today, when the question-and-answer session began, the benches of the Malema-led party were left empty, with no single fighter around.

In their complaint, the fighters stressed that Zuma is not fit to speak to them because he had since lost his right and dignity as South Africa’s president. Thus, the reason they wouldn’t accept him answering questions from Parliament members.

The party noted in a statement that: “Jacob Zuma was found by the Constitutional court to have violated his oath of office, and thereby undermining the Constitution in that he failed to uphold and protect it.

Zuma failed to do this in relation to the processes of the upgrade of his private home in Nkandla, where he unduly benefited from the abuse and misuse of state funds.”

Nevertheless, the red beret party affirmed that its decision to refrain from sitting with other members of Parliament is not a sign of cowardice.

Meanwhile, reports from the Parliamentary sitting had it that Agang South Africa member Andries Tlouamma lost his cool on Zuma, suggesting that his failure to obey the Constitution affected the decorum of the House.

As usual, Speaker Baleka Mbete intervened immediately in an attempt  to call him to order.

“Honourable Tlouamma don’t try and replace the people who are not in this House,” she said.

Obviously, she was making reference to the economic freedom fighters, who disrupted Zuma’s last session in September.

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No doubt, President Zuma will ever be grateful for today’s question-and-answer session. This is because Julius Malema and fellow defiant comrades won’t be raining abuses on him as usual.

More so, there might be no tendency to separate Parliamentary fight and entertain awkward drama from our honourable ladies and gentlemen .

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