Malema Drops Another Bombshell Shortly After His Court Appearance


Addressing his mammoth supporters shortly after his court appearance, Julius Malema derided the charges leveled against him by his antagonists.

The ever defiant party leader said the ANC wanted to use the charges to score cheap political points and to deter him from preaching about land invasion.

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Standing before EFF members outside the court, the chief fighter lashed out at the ANC administration for its failure to return land to its “rightful owners”.

Malema Speaks Shortly After Court Appearance

Digging deep, Malema maintained that every land in South Africa and the Africa at large belongs to black people, and not to the white race. He, therefore, called on the government to return the land to the black majority, together with everything that comes with the land.

“This is our continent it belongs to us. We want our land. It must come with everything. The land comes with the sea. The sea belongs to us. The fish in the sea belongs to us. The land comes with the trees. The trees belong to us. That includes dagga. It belongs to us. We want it back,” he thundered.

The leader of the red beret party insisted that black people must have their land back together with the minerals‚ gold‚ diamonds‚ platinum‚ coals and everything.

Juju alleged that white monopoly capital is the main enemy of land expropriation, and threatened to further disturb the peace of white people until land are returned to black people.

Malema, today, appeared in the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court for contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act (an apartheid regime law act) in two related incidents.

In 2014, the opposition leader told EFF’s elective conference in Bloemfontein that land is essential and must be occupied; because it belongs to indigenous blacks.

In June 2016, during the 61st Freedom Charter celebration, he also urged EFF’s supporters in Newcastle, in the northern KwaZulu-Natal, to take over unoccupied land.

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During his brief court appearance on Monday, his lawyer Tumi Mokwena asked for the matter to be postponed to allow the chief fighter to file his ConCourt application. The state consented to the postponement, on condition that Malema provides proof that he has filed the application.

The magistrate later postponed the matter to 7 December 2017.

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