Juicy Bits About The Life Of Evodia’s Daughter Mercy Mogase

Mercy Mogase is a South African reality TV personality, businesswoman, and the daughter of Evodia Mogase, a socialite, TV star, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is famous for her role on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) reality TV show. 

One can’t deny that Evodia and her daughter, Mercy Mogase, look more like sisters than mother and child as the bond between them is undeniable. Mercy Mogase, who has followed in the footsteps of her mother by joining the entertainment industry, has already built a unique brand for herself – even while working with her mother.

Beyond being a reality TV star, she is a qualified somatologist who advocates for healthy eating, self-development, and women empowerment. Just like her mother, she is a vegan who believes strongly in fitness and even runs a fitness firm. Mercy is not just beautiful, but also industrious and intelligent.

Summary of Mercy Mogase‘s Biography

  • Full name: Mercy Mogase
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of birth: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: South African
  • Mercy Mogase’s Parents: Evodia Mogase (mother)
  • Siblings: Princess Mogase
  • Occupation: Actress, fitness model, entrepreneur
  • Body measurements in inches: 5ft 5in
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Body Size: Moderate
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Mercy Mogase’s Net worth: $3 million (estimated)
  • Famous for: being the daughter of Evodia Mogase and also for her role on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) reality TV show.
  • Mercy Mogase’s Instagram: nourishbymercy
  • Twitter: @MercyMogase1

Mercy Mogase Traveled A Lot While Growing Up

The fitness expert whose current age is not known was born into the family of Evodia Mogase and her ex-husband (name unknown). As a result of infidelity, her parents had to break up in 2009. After the divorce, Mercy was raised by a single mother, who we can obviously agree did an amazing job. Before her parents’ divorce, her father owned a panel beating company at Limpopo which he had built with her mother, Evodia Mogase. Though she took over the place after their separation, Evodia claims that she got nothing from her ex-husband after the divorce.

Mercy Mogase’s mother is indeed a very hardworking woman, a vegan who works as a dietician and vegetarian manager. She is also enthusiastic about staying healthy and owns a catering business. In the absence of her ex-husband, Evodia was successful at raising Mercy Mogase who was her only child at the time. According to Mercy, her mother played a huge role in building her into the woman she is now.

Growing up, Mercy spent most of her time traveling and touring around over sixty cities and islands. She is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, a qualification she doesn’t seem to be interested in making use of as she is now a businesswoman and fitness model.

The Mogase Ladies Were Co-stars in the RHOJ Reality TV Show

Mercy Mogase joined her mother in the entertainment industry and made her debut appearance on the first season of the reality television show Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ). On the show, Evodia played the role of ‘Madame’ a no-nonsense woman. Mercy’s role in the TV series contributed immensely to her current fame and popularity. It has also helped her build a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, in 2019, Mercy and Evodia refused to continue being members of the cast of the reality television show because they did not like the terms offered by the producers of the show as they felt they deserved better than what was put on the table.

They Launched Their Own TV Show To Mixed Reactions

After mother and daughter decided to leave the RHOJ, they started their own reality show, which they claim was inspired by the Kardashians. This led to the birth of the Madame and Mercy reality television show which featured Evodia as Madame, the same name she used on the RHOJ. It also featured her daughters, Mercy Mogase and Princess Mogase. The latter was born by Evodia Mogase on July 29, 2018, after several years of trying to conceive with multiple miscarriages. Princess and Mercy do not have the same fathers.

This show is an opportunity for viewers to know exactly what happens in the lives of the Mogases, unlike the exaggerated drama and quarrels that happen on RHOJ. It will also give Princess Mogase a chance to become famous like her mother and sister. When it was announced, fans who had fallen in love with their characters on the RHOJ were curious about what to expect from the show and after a few episodes, most fans did not seem impressed as shown by the reactions on Twitter.

Mercy Mogase Ditched Engineering For Entrepreneurship

Mercy Mogase is indeed a true daughter of her mother, just like Evodia, she is a very hardworking woman and has built a name for herself in the business and entertainment world. Aside from following her mother’s footsteps in the entertainment world, she has also developed a love for health, wellness, and fitness. Like Evodia, she is a big-time vegetarian who would never alter her diet for anything. She became a vegetarian after avoiding meat for forty days during the 2016 lent season.

As mentioned before, the health enthusiast is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from an unnamed university, however, her career path today tells nothing of her engineering studies. At the early stage of Mercy Mogase’s fitness career, she worked in the beauty and spa department at a Disney Magic Cruise ship between 2005 and 2007. While working there, she learned how to offer top-notch customer service which she applies in her business today.

In July 2015, the beautiful daughter of Evodia who is a certified somatologist launched her herbal business named ‘Mercy Mogase Herbalife Nutrition’. She is a wellness coach and also the ambassador of her products. According to Mercy, who is a vegan, she has been feeding her body with Herbalife for up to five years before she decided to make it a business.

According to the information on her website, her Herbalife product is a healthy meal that contains a balance of protein and all essential nutrients. She also provides diet and wellness tips for her affluent customers. She owns a YouTube channel where she uploads exercise tutorials, although she doesn’t seem to be consistent with that.

She is also the owner of Lifestyle Bar in Sandton, a luxurious health-related company located in Gauteng, South Africa. Evodia and Mercy Mogase have a very strong bond between them and are a good example of what a true mother and daughter relationship should be. Despite building unique names individually, they have also worked as a team and contributed to each other’s business and entertainment career.

Although Evodia was a strong woman and mother while raising her daughter, Mercy also deserves credit for following in her mother’s footsteps and allowing her to shape the strong and wealthy woman she has become. We can expect more from the stables of Mercy Mogase and her mother as they seem to have a lot more up their sleeves.

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