Revealed! Demeaning Black Rape Culture Comments By High Court Judge


There has been an outburst of comments on the social media, after an activists made public a Facebook conversation where a high court judge Mabel Jansen expressed her belief that rape culture is part of black culture and that black people see raping a woman or even a child as sport.

The screenshots of the conversation was posted by social justice activist Gillian Schutte where judge Mabel Jansen shared her thoughts saying “in their culture, a woman is there to pleasure them”.

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She also added in her Facebook message to Schutte, that black people take pleasure in gang raping of babies, daughters and mothers, and some black men do it as a pastime exercise.

And to crown it all, she added that “black people are by far no angels” and “their conduct is despicable”.

Following the controversial comments by the judge, there are now calls for her to be removed from the bench, irrespective of the fact that the judge claims in defense that her comments have been taken out of context and that she was specifically referring to the rape cases she had presided over.

“What I stated confidentially to somebody in a position to help has been taken completely out of context and referred to specific court cases.”

Judge Mabel Jansen has maintained her stance saying instead of accusing her of being a racist, the country should address the issue as she has presented in order to protect vulnerable women and children.

Judge Mabel Jansen

Judge Jansen’s comments raised a lot of dust on the social media as many people criticized her for making such comments:

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Morning SK, How many black men are doing time for rape acts they didn’t commit because of @mabel_jansen prejudices #mabeljansen
9:10 PM – 8 May 2016

I am black and I have NEVER raped in my lifer. There are no rapists in my family. How about that #MabelJansen?
8:54 PM – 8 May 2016

People like @mabel_jansen dont deserve a seat at the bench. The judicial council should relieve you of your duties. Sies
8:39 PM – 8 May 2016

Judge #MabelJansen lends credence to the extremely dangerous notion that the law is not blind.That it sees colour, partial and prejudiced.
7:21 AM – 8 May 2016 · Sandton, South Africa, South Africa

#MabelJansen should not be a judge. Her views need to be reported & her past judgements reviewed. #RemoveMabelJansen
12:08 PM – 8 May 2016