[email protected] Programme: Protesters Wreck Havoc On Joburg city


A group of 200 [email protected] employees demonstrated their anger towards Mashaba’s decision to shut down the programme which to them, is a major source of income.

The [email protected] protesters who were wearing yellow overalls, made their way up Bree and Jeppe streets in Johannesburg city center turning out waste bins as they expressed objection against the canning of the programme.

The protesters equally reached the Rissik street facing the City council offices as they chanted slogans against the Joburg mayor. A Pikitup truck that was collecting rubbish in the vicinity had to speed away in a hurry after it was chased and workers threatened it with sticks.

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[email protected] is a programme designed to allow communities partner with the city in the delivery of municipal services in their neighborhoods. The programme was launched by the African National Congress in September 2014 but the DA new candidate of the city announced last month that he would cancel the co-production programme [email protected] which is worth R1 billion.

The mayor claimed that the programme was established only to enrich the few wealthy and corrupt individuals within the ANC. 

A Council Sitting in Braamfontein where Mashaba was scheduled to table the City’s 2016/17 Medium-Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework for adoption was earlier this week, thrown into a state of chaos when at least 300 people, known to be members of the Johannesburg Social Movement (JSM), stormed into the chamber.

The JSM protesters were marching on the Joburg Council to express their displeasure at the cancellation of the [email protected] programmes by Mashaba.

Speaking to ANA on Wednesday, Mashaba’s spokesperson Tony Taverna-Turisan assured concerned [email protected] employees that the mayor would not terminate existing contracts under the programme as it continued the process of revamping the programme.

Taverna-Turisan further noted that no jobs have been lost as a result of the mayor’s decision to revamp the programme and that all community members currently employed under [email protected] would continue working under the programme until the completion of their contracts.

“It is important to stress that work opportunities provided under the existing [email protected] programme are of a temporary nature. Currently, no work opportunities have been withdrawn in the process of revamping the existing programme,

“Rather, the key goal behind revamping [email protected] is ensuring that work opportunities under the programme are allocated freely and fairly whilst expanding work opportunities for residents. The new revamped [email protected] will bring to an end the network of patronage used to direct work opportunities to ANC members under the past administration,” Taverna-Turisan said.

Once the city’s new project is launched, it would directly employ workers within the City, ending the City’s reliance on Capacity Support Agent (CSA), middlemen who would outsource the work, said Taverna-Turisan.

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Meanwhile, Joburg’s Public Safety MMC, Michael Sun said officials want to be sure that the people who went on a rampage last night, were indeed [email protected] employees.

“From the public safety aspect we are investigating. Because as you would understand, we don’t want innocent [email protected] workers to be blamed for something they didn’t do. A yellow overall is very easy to obtain. But those that are wearing any kind of clothing in the disguise of innocent people’s name must be brought to justice,” he said.

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