[email protected] Programme: Joburg Social Movement Orders Mayor Mashaba To Resign


Following Mashaba’s decision to scrap off the [email protected] programme established by ANC administration in the municipality, a movement emerged to call on the mayor to step down.

The social movement called for Mayor Mashaba’s resignation, saying it’s unhappy with the scrapping of the [email protected] programme which according to them, will leave 8,000 people without work.

The group also which also consists of a number of NGOs, businesses and co-operative forums, accused the mayor of making several other major decisions without proper invitation and consultation of the city residents in the process.

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The forum held a meeting on Sunday which was attended by [email protected] programme employees and community coordinators and are planning to hold a march on 23rd February.

“Before they cut programmes, they’ll come with a proper alternative and so we’re saying the antagonistic posture is actually losing what being a mayor is,” said the movement’s Tshepang Mokgatla who added that they have requested to see the mayor on the matter.

The request by the forum comes at the time the mayor is largely criticized for his massive fight against illegal criminals in the city.

His active war against corruption through a policy that plans to get rid of illegal foreigners in the city of Johannesburg has gained him a new name – Trumpshaba as the ruling African National Congress described his tendencies as Trump-like.

Like his party colleague, Solly Msimanga, the mayor also took up war against corruption in the city which led to the immediate shutting down of the controversial [email protected] programme established by the city’s former administration.

Announcing the end of the programme, Mashaba said it was in a bid to turn the economy of the city around and ensure that real work opportunities which will benefit the poorest, are created for residents.

“These opportunities will benefit the poorest of our City‚ not the overnight millionaires that the City seems to have prioritized in the past.”

The ANC quickly lashed out‚ saying: “Today is a sad day for over 8‚000 workers and 112 cooperatives/local companies in Johannesburg.” The ANC claims that their programme “created thousands of jobs for the unemployed residents of Johannesburg”.

“Through [email protected]‚ the ANC government put over R3 billion aside for the benefit of cooperatives and local companies. The move by Mr Mashaba will inevitably take away this money from the poor and unemployed residents of Johannesburg who had found work in the programme.”

Mashaba said middle men‚ called Capacity Support Agent (CSA)‚ made money from the [email protected] programme at the expense of the unemployed.

“These CSA’s would become rich overnight while many in our communities remained without work opportunities‚” said Mashaba who promised to launch a new programme.

Th party however, denied claims by Mashaba that the [email protected] programme favored members of ANC branches above any unemployed resident of Johannesburg.

New Information Implicating Joburg Power Boss

While the movement continues with the call for the mayor to step down, the mayor said he’s consulting lawyers on how to deal with the City Power board, claiming it has failed to suspend Sicelo Xulu over the alleged corruption involving the city’s R1 billion smart electricity meter tender.

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Though the board argues that Xulu has already been cleared of any wrongdoing, Mashaba says he’s disappointed by the manner in which the previous administration dealt with the matter.

“The mayor has had very serious allegations come forward, which does point a finger at officials within City Power. That investigation has been conducted by Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo, one of the top five auditing firms. We’re expecting an initial report in the coming weeks from Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo, and at that point will make its finding and recommendations available to the public,” says the mayor’s spokesperson Tony Taverna-Turisan who noted that the mayor wants strong action to be taken against Xulu.