‘Jonas Not A Man Of Integrity; He Should Be Out’ – ANCYL Leader


With President Zuma saying his hands are clean over the cases of some ANC members’ claim of being offered ministerial positions by the Gupta Family, the leader of the party’s youth wing President Collen Maine said concerned members particularly the deputy finance minister is not a man of Integrity and not worthy to retain his post in the government.

Speaking to the press, the ANCYL leader said Jonas under normal circumstances ought to have spoken to the party or even the seniors in the party about the Gupta’s offer but failing to do so proved he is not integrity worthy.

“A man of integrity will go to his boss and report, and [not] talk to him through the media. For us this amounts to putting the organisation into disrepute,” Maine said.

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Maine went ahead to say that choosing to take such long time before speaking up about the issue compounded the issue. “Why didn’t he raise it then, when he was invited then? What did he intend to achieve with all of this?” Maine asked.

“You don’t wait for a time, particularly when the opposition is calling for a recall and you use the crisis, as a cadre of the movement, for grandstanding for popularity and begin to raise those issues. He added.

The party’s youth wing therefore called for Jonas to be relieved of his job as the deputy minister of finance and Maine said they would address the matter at the party’s upcoming national executive meeting this weekend

Meanwhile, the ANCYL leader has refuted the public claim that the ruling ANC has been influenced by the Gupta family. He said the Gupta family can ‘not in any way, influence the policy position of the ANC Adding that the party members are put at the fore front and not any particular individual.

“We members of the ANC, through conferences and general councils and all of that, do influence policy positions of the organisation and the Gupta families are not there in our conferences,” Maine said.

He said though he is not yet aware if the meeting between president Zuma and the politically connected family was finally held, the public should refrain from using Zuma’s name “to account for things that are said by business people”

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