DA Celebrates Jonas Makwakwa’s Suspension From SARS


South Africa’s official opposition party is pleased with Jonas Makwakwa’s suspension from the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

The party welcomed the news that SARS’ Commissioner, Tom Moyane suspended the Chief Officer of Business, Individual Taxes and Digital Information Systems.

But then, stated that Jonas Makwakwa’s suspension is likely to dent the already dented reputation of SARS.

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As alleged, Mr Makwakwa’s received some suspicious and unusual payments which amounted to R1.2 million between 2010 and 2016.

DA said its  concerned about what appears to have been an undue delay in dealing with this matter.

“…not least because it was raised with Tom Moyane at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance on 23 August 2016. We must now determine whether in dealing with this matter, Tom Moyne, acted correctly and in the best interests of the South African Revenue Service.”

The party admitted that it don’t have all the facts of the issue. Thus, it submitted a parliamentary question to the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, concerning the handling of the allegations surrounding the SARS scandal.

“Whatever the case the suspension of Jonas Makwakwa is likely to dent the already dented reputation of the South African Revenue Service,” DA remarked.

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Meanwhile, the party wailed over Moody’s decision to review state-owned entities (SOE) investment grade status.

DA said Moody’s decision must serve as a wake up call for South Africa asserting that “Jacob Zuma is playing Russian Roulette” with SA economy.

To the party, President Zuma must be urgently moved far away from managing SOE’s if Moody review really matters to the government.

“Job creation is too important to gamble with. We simply cannot trust Jacob Zuma – who has presided over a weakening economy, state capture, and numerous corruption scandals – to turn our SOE’s around and ensure confidence is restored.

The bottom line is that Jacob Zuma is playing Russian Roulette with our economy, and the millions of jobs that depend on it,” DA reiterated.