Oh No! DA Busts Another Greedy Mayor ‘Living In Luxury’ With Taxpayers’ Money


Most provincial leaders have continued to give South Africans the impression that they took over power simply to enrich their pockets with taxpayers’ money.

Taking a look at some post-election reports from many provinces, one is left with no other choice but to affirm that most political leaders have been having fun at the expense of taxpayers.

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Last month, the Democratic Alliance (DA) raised a national alarm after the Solly Msimanga-led administration discovered how the past ANC-led administration massively looted the fund mapped out for the renovation of the iconic Tshwane City Hall.

Speaking to reporters after an inspection at the renovation site at that time, the DA mayor said he discovered the city was billed a whopping R100,000 for the former city mayor’s bathroom tiles.

Not only that, Msimanga disclosed that taxpayers were charged R8,000 [a meter] for walls leading to his office to have wallpaper and that the city spent a total of about R200‚000 on the wallpapers.

This time, the opposition watchdog has cried foul after it came to light that Capricorn district municipality in Limpopo has been spending over R150 000 per month on a rented luxury Range Rover for its mayor John Mpe.

DA Councillor Ngako Setjie stated that his suspicions were triggered when he realised the mayor was riding a Range Rover and not the Jeep Cherokee used by his predecessor.

Municipal spokesperson Moffat Senyatsi, nonetheless, defended the city’s decision to abandon Mpe’s predecessor’s Jeep for the Range Rover. Senyatsi opined that the municipality opted to rent the Range Rover because the Jeep was damaged twice in an accident.

But Setjie said he has never heard of any accident with the Jeep.

“I am not aware of any accidents the car has reportedly been in because such were never reported to the council.”

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According to another DA Councillor, Jack Small, it will cost the municipality a whopping R900,000 if the city continues to rent the Range Rover for six months.

Meanwhile, Capricorn district municipality said plans are underway to sell the Jeep, adding that the city has no plans (for now) to buy a new vehicle for mayor John Mpe.