Johannesburg’s Highway Robbers Versus The South African Police: See Video Footage


Perhaps, like me, you’ve once been involved in a debate that South Africans are better off without the South African Police. Then, I disagreed for no matter the absurdities, laxity, delays and corruption in the force, South Africans will face more crime and brutality from criminals without the police.

I believed their “uselessness” as opined by many South Africans is useful to South Africa. And, I still believe so as I will surely be excluded from campaigns that beg for the eradication of the South African Police if the unsatisfactory service of the force eventually angers South Africans to such extent.

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But then, events like the recent Johannesburg’s robbery video footage that went viral makes one wonder whether those South Africans that regard the South African Police as “Useless” are right in their thoughts. After the faces of the alleged armed robbers were fully shown on the said video, it is right to think that the police will soonest, get in touch with the alleged robbers and possibly, detain them; track down the cars involved in the operation, find the victim of the robbery, gather the details and verify the information spreading about the incident.

For all we know, the video footage which has caused many reactions might just be a movie scene. The police ought to have quickly done the necessary investigation and narrate to the public what really happened. That way, South Africa would’ve been projected globally in a better image and not as the ‘crime ravaged nation’ with an ‘incompetent police’.

As seen in the video which was apparently captured by a dashboard camera in the victim’s car, the alleged robbers where driving in front of the victim in a white VW Jetta TSI plate numbered DL 65 CL. The alleged robbers stop suddenly, and logically, the victim applies breaks in order to avoid a crash at the rear of the Jetta. Then, four armed men jumped out of the Jetta and as presumed, robbed the unidentified victim while one of the armed men orders other motorists trying to observe the event to move along.

Perchance, the police prefers to be regarded as incompetent which is, doubtlessly a better qualification than the South African “useless”. That is understandably the reason they are as reported, still waiting for further details of the incident. Can someone please remind the police that their duties should be channeled towards hunting, not waiting for details.

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