Horrifying! Broad Daylight Johannesburg Robbery Caught On Camera


A broad daylight robbery was captured on CCTV. The incident took place at Kempton Park. The video shows a group of gunmen pretending to be clients, arriving within the premises of a valet parking company very close to OR Tambo International Airport.

In the footage, the armed men are seen arriving within the business premises in a clean black BMW looking calm and harmless initially before the drama started.

One of the men rings the bell, the gate is opened and a staff of the company goes outside to welcome them thinking that they are clients before getting an unexpected surprise; one that involves AK47 and handguns.

Some of the armed men make their way into the office as another shoots a protective dog. The sound of the shot alerts the company owner.

“I heard three shots. I stormed from the bedroom, came into the lounge and looked at the CCTV cameras and I saw armed people in my office, I got my pistol out of the safe and started firing at the armed people,” said Wynand Bakker.

“They shot my dog with an AK47 three times, which wasn’t necessary.”

The company owner’s reaction disrupts the suspects who in their haste to get away forget to close the car door.

“I’m looking after 33 families. I have 33 people working for me. I’m looking after 33 people.

I’m paying my taxes. Nobody looks after us. Maybe once or twice, you’ll see a police van coming past here…” Bakker said.

The staff were terribly shaken however, non of them sustained any injury.

Police are investigating the case as that of an armed robbery.

Source: eNCA

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