Johannesburg Police Requests Informants To Crack Down On Crime


The Johannesburg police said in a statement that they were looking for men and women to join their network as informants to help the police in their long term fight against crime.

Therefore, If you have really sharp ears to the ground and eagle eyes and most importantly, nothing happens in the neighborhood without your knowledge, then you could help the society while earning some money by becoming one of Johannesburg police ‘s informers.

The informer will be responsible for providing the police with quality first hand information.

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Warrant Officer of the Johannesburg police Xoli Mbele told News24 that the order came from their superiors to beef up their informer network to engage the community to help them in their fight against crime.

The applicants must apply and after the selection has been done, they will be registered and trained on how to gather information without risking their own lives.

”They must never be in danger,” said Mbele. ”They will not arrest the person or confront them.”

The informer will be taught how to pass information to police without putting their own lives in danger, they will never have to testify in court, and will never have their identity revealed”.

Mbele explained that the informer’s sole role is to discreetly hand over information on any form of crime to the police. The police will then follow up on the information given to them.

He further explained that what is necessary in the case is the evidence seized and not the informers’ testimony. This will ensure the safety of the informant as he or she will not be identified.

The informers will receive ”incentives” for their efforts. Mbele refused to reveal the actual amount to be given as incentives.

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He said the informer network has helped police a lot in terms of cutting down crime rate. It is sometimes more efficient to use informers because most of the criminals already know the police which makes it hard for the police to deal with them.

”They are always on the ground. Most of the suspects know the police so it helps us a lot really.”

Those interested should contact Johannesburg police on 0114977135 or Mbele on 0827776263.