Exposed! ANC Hired Joburg Metro Cops To Remove Our Election Posters – EFF


What could have caused ‘almighty’ ANC to stoop this low? Was it an act of cowardice, bully or intimidation?

Whichever, the EFF is yet to know why the ruling party would hire cops to remove its election posters in the city.

As culled from a News 24 report, the party alleged that the Johannesburg Metro Police Department officers acted under the instructions of the ANC, who told them to remove the party’s posters in the city.

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Reacting bitterly to the demeaning act, EFF elections spokesperson,Veronica Mente, said the opposition party has never had rest from ANC continuous attacks.

“These are acts of political cowardice and intolerance that belong to the past. The JMPD has targeted EFF posters throughout this local government campaign, in particular its banners across the city. If the ANC is not disrupting EFF meetings… it is removing our posters with its Johannesburg Metro Police Department.”

But, JMPD spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, said the EFF was not the only whose posters were removed, as the JMPD has no intention to be malicious toward any political party.

Minnaar said: “JMPD officers have removed many banners which belong to various political parties, which were hung on poles, bridges and fences. Officers would only perform their duty if political adverts do not comply with the city’s by-law requirements.”

ANC Backs Johannesburg Metro Police Department

In response, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa laughed off the EFF’s allegations, arguing it holds no water. Kodwa also slammed the left-wing party for parading itself like “media superstars”.

Kodwa said: “The JMPD was not working for the ANC. If these allegations were true, the EFF would have reported it to the IEC, but it is not true.”

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Meanwhile, the EFF will soon finalize plans on how to rope the ANC to the electoral court. Not only that, the vigorous party also hopes to request the court to bar the ANC from contesting elections in Johannesburg.

In South Africa, the removal of posters constitutes a violation of equability and fairness of election campaigns. However, the ANC may be in for a bigger trouble if the EFF succeeds in winning them in the electoral court.

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