ANC Goes Public On Why Parties Fight At Joburg Council Metro


The African National Congress (ANC) in Johannesburg has descended heavily on the Democratic Alliance (DA) over the recurrent anarchic council sitting in the metro.

The ruling party lamented that since the DA took over power in the coveted city, the rate at which political parties clash with one another has sky-rocketed.

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Former ANC mayor Park Tau disclosed that the primary reason why the city metro council meetings degenerates into chaos, uproar and pandemonium is because the DA-led council often makes nonessential laws and rules.

Tau was making reference to last Thursday’s council meeting, where a heated argument and a successive fracas broke out between the ANC and the EFF.

ANC And EFF Disrupt Johannesburg Council Sitting

The brawl started when ANC Johannesburg chief whip Solly Mogase referred to the coalition between the DA and EFF as “marriage”. The EFF immediately cut in on his speech, demanding him to withdraw the term “marriage”, because it is unacceptable.

Mogase refused, insisting that there is no rule against the use of “marriage” in the council. DA member and Johannesburg city speaker Vasco da Gama, at this point, asked Mogase to either withdraw the term or leave the house.

Da Gama’s stance infuriated the ANC, and at the drop of a hat, the EFF and the ANC began to hurl piles of insult at each other, making the council sitting ungovernable.

Brouhahas during metro council sitting are gradually becoming a nightmare to many, especially to city mayors around the country and other concerned citizens. Since after the election, opposition groups in many metros have clashed with one another during council sittings.

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In September, the EFF clashed with Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba during council sitting after he turned back some aggrieved community members.

In the same month, the ANC picked on the DA in Tshwane, staging an EFF-like protest against the DA mayor Solly Msimanga.