Johann Rupert – History Is Repeating And ‘Conspiracy-Believing Lunatics’ Are In Action


Billionaire Johann Rupert said the present ANC government is behaving like the racist Nationalist Party that believed external forces were trying to destabilize their appalling regime.

Johann Rupert was responding to the insinuations that he’s been working with the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to trouble Zuma’s authority as the President of South Africa.

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As alleged, the billionaire held a meeting with the Deputy President when President Zuma appointed Des van Rooyen the Finance Minister. He reportedly demanded Rooyen’s immediate removal from the portfolio.

Responding, Rupert said “the real sadness is to see history repeating itself.”

He inferred that the ANC’s poor governance has brought trouble to the party and that like the apartheid government, the present ANC is being delusional in thinking a third forces is behind the growing dissatisfaction with their governance.

“Finding themselves in trouble the old, racist Nationalist Party lashed out at mysterious third forces trying to destabilize their appalling regime,” stated the billionaire.

“Now we find the same type of conspiracy-believing lunatics in action,” Rupert added.

He debunked The New Age media claim that he flew in from London to meet with ANC officials demanding the reversal of Van Rooyen’s appointment.

Based on what he said, he was at his family holiday cottage in Onrust River, Western Cape when the Finance Ministry axing and hiring drama happened. “I did not meet with Mr Ramaphosa, I have not seen him in many years,” he stated.

The billion nonetheless seized the chance and commented on the issue. “As you can imagine, I did receive countless calls from investors abroad; and unfortunately still do. Their overriding worry is the breakdown of rule of law – including state capture.

If one is not ruled by strong institutions, then the tendency is for countries to be run by strong men. The weakening of institutions will lead to corruption, chaos, mass poverty and further revolutions.”

With that, he argued that South Africa would’ve attained junk status if Rooyen remained the Finance Minister. “South Africa was on the verge of a credit meltdown,” he said.

“Another irrational politically inspired move by the president will lead to the world (and credit rating agencies) pushing South Africa severely. The consequences will be too ghastly.

This stuff comes from the people who said I control the ANC… Trust me, if I could have done any or all of that (control the ANC), our unemployment would have been very low, and our growth rate over 5%,” he bragged.

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