Joburgs’s Herman Mashaba Vows To Slash Unemployment Or Resign


Among several other promises, the newly elected mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba has vowed to Slash Unemployment Or Resign.

Giving his first inaugural council address on Tuesday, Joburg mayor vowed to end corruption in the city’s administration and cut unemployment in the city by 6%, or resign.

“If I don’t bring down unemployment by 6% in five years, I will voluntarily step down in five years. This demonstrates my commitment to the people of this city,” Mashaba said as he told the council that job creation would be a core priority in his administration.

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The mayor revealed that he had reached an agreement with his department heads that all plans and policies be aligned with the council’s goal of achieving a 5% economic growth rate for the city.

He said his officials had presented him with a projected target of 2.5% economic growth which he is not satisfied with.

“This is simply not good enough. Because to accept 2.5% economic growth would mean we accept that we will not make a dent in the number of unemployed people in our city. I cannot accept this.”

Herman Mashaba has since his election as the mayor of Johannesburg, promised to bring lasting positive change in the once governed ANC city as a proof that his party the DA can fulfill their promises to the people of South Africa.

The Mayor sees his election as a chance to prove himself but promised to work together with like- minded people to achieve his purpose.

During his inaugural speech, Herman Mashaba said he has rolled up his sleeves and ready to work but urged the people to be patient as his plans for the city will gradually materialize.

“The truth is that there are no short cuts. It is going to take time to correct the mismanagement and decay that has resulted in worsening service delivery. We need to start from basics and step by step build a city we can all be proud of.”

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He maintained that job creation will be the number one priority of the new administration as he plans to achieve this by creating small businesses.