Joburg Official Arrested For Massively Defrauding The City


Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, on Wednesday, confirmed the arrest of a former Joburg property valuer for allegedly devaluing properties in the city by about R500m.

Mashaba also vowed to bring the companies and individuals who allegedly colluded with the valuer to book for carrying out such a humiliating and deceitful act.

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In a statement released by the mayor, he related that the candidate valuer’s alleged irregular and fraudulent adjustments to the values of 22 properties would result in the city losing around R40m in property taxes over the next five financial years.

He lamented that the R5oom would have gone a long in helping the city deliver basic and much-needed services such as water, electricity and refuse removal to the poor and most vulnerable residents.

Last year November, a documentary aired by Carte Blanche revealed how some city officials working at the City of Johannesburg’s property valuation system carry out corrupt practices. This revelation subsequently led to the suspension of a deputy director in the city mentioned to in the Carte Blanche documentary.

Earlier this month, the mayor announced that about 106 Joburg officials will be arrested on allegations of corruption.

He stated that the arrest of the Joburg officials came after an investigation by the city’s anti-corruption unit identified 972 transactions that took place in the City of Johannesburg between January 2008 and February 2016, under the ANC government, related to fraudulent licensing.

According to the mayor, this feat was achieved through an investigation conducted by Mr. Sibiya

“… we have determined that the problem is not limited to the City of Johannesburg. Between January 2008 and February 2016, these fraudulent transactions were valued at R 155 074 672.08 nationally,” he added.

Mashaba also promised to carry out a forensic audit and target expenditure and tenders awarded in the ANC administration that had raised suspicion and to jail officers found guilty of corruption and fraud.

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“I promise to root out corruption. I am proud to say this administration is living up to that promise, “The days when corrupt Joburg officials would get a gentle slap on the wrist … are over,” he said.

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