Jobs For Hlaudi: ANCYL Lobbies ANC To Make Hlaudi Motsoeneng A Minister


While South Africans contemplate what job would suit the self-acclaimed South Africa’s hero Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the youth wing of the ruling party, ANCYL looks at fighting to make him the minister of rural development and land reform.

According to latest reports, the youth league said though Motsoeneng may not fit into any position within the SABC, his skills and values are rare and should thus be used to serve the country as a minister.

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The embattled former SABC executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng, had despite myriad corruption scandals and his alleged ‘dictatorial’ leadership style, noted that he wants to ‘serve’ the country and add value through public service.

Motsoeneng may not qualify for any top position at the SABC, but the league says he is good enough to replace seasoned politician Gugile Nkwinti as minister of rural development and land reform.

On Friday, the league’s provincial chairman, Makalo Mohale, said Motsoeneng’s skills were too valuable to be wasted, which was why the league had formally nominated him to fill a vacant post in parliament.

Speaking while addressing North West ANC leaders earlier this year, Hlaudi said he wanted a job that would make him serve both the whites and black South Africans and to make each South African race “have a place in the country”.

“I want to serve South Africans‚ not political parties. I want to serve the people of South Africa.

“I want to add value. I want to make sure that people that are black have jobs.

“I want to make sure even white people‚ they have a place in South Africa,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ANCYL provincial chairman, Makalo Mohale said on Friday that Motsoeneng’s skills were too valuable to be wasted, which was why the league had formally nominated him to fill a vacant post in parliament.

“If he can’t go back to the SABC, then he must go to government,” Mohale told the Sunday Times

Mohale who further noted that the league expected Motsoeneng’s name to be forwarded to parliament along with that of former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe, said Motsoeneng would be best placed to deal with land issues as his radical stance would assist redistribution. “We think that we need him there to deal with the land issue.”

Molefe was sworn in as an ANC MP last month and he is said to be in line to join President Jacob Zuma’s reshuffled cabinet.

“It is not only the ANCYL, it is many South Africans. Many of South Africans know what I stand for,” said Mohale,

“My support is not just locally, my support is even in the continent. Why? People in the continent talk about me a lot. They write about me. My support is not only from those who pronounce [ANC structures], there are many people. Even the kings and traditional leaders … including some churches.”

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Sunday time reported that there is a vacancy on the national list to parliament after MP Agnes Qikani resigned in December. But, for him to climb to the ministerial seat, Hlaudi Motsoeneng needed to be an MP. This, the ANCYL said is no big deal.

“He doesn’t even have to go on the Free State list … He must go [on the] national list [to parliament]”, Mohale said.

Mohale could not however, say when Motsoeneng would be sent to parliament or appointed a minister but said the league was lobbying the ANC to agree to deploy him as a minister.

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