Top 5 Successful Job Hunting Tips For South African Graduates

Job search in South Africa can be a daunting and frustrating experience to most people because of the volatile nature of the job market in this country. The country has an unemployment rate of over 25% and there are many people searching for jobs in the same industry with the same qualifications. A lot of people become frustrated and end up quitting the job search and letting their education and skills go to waste. Well, there are important job hunting tips that can be used by any job seeker to get a hold of their dream job.

When searching for a job, regardless of whether you are fresh from college or you are a veteran, it is important to work smart as opposed to working hard. A lot of job hunters in South Africa forget that there are thousands of other people with the same qualifications using the same old methods of searching for a job. They write the same CV formats and follow the same procedures of a job application. In a world where it is the survival of the fittest, the fittest has to be unique. Below are top 5 successful job hunting tips in South Africa that you can use to take your hunting to a new level.

5 Successful Job Hunting Tips For South Africans

Job Hunting Tips

1. Slick Up Your CV

Keep in mind that a professional CV means exactly that. You need to have everything professionally arranged and written. Always remember that the employer will look at the CV down to the smallest details and thus you need to make it as neat as possible. Choose the right words in describing your skills and experience in the industry. This will bring you out as someone who understands what they want and what they can do. There is no general resume; go for an industry related CV that best explains you.

2. Have A High-Quality Convincing Cover Letter

The reason why you need to write a cover letter is simply to convince the employer that you are the best fit for the vacancy. The cover letter thus needs to be the face of your job application and quality cannot be compromised. Think of the cover letter as the compelling proposal to the employer and not as a CV summary. Start by stating the position you are interested in followed by carefully selected words in paragraphs explaining why you are perfect for the position. Always confirm the vacancy advertisements to see if you match or exceed the requirements. Keep the cover letter brief and straight to the point.

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3. Prepare, Plan And Research For The Interview

Job hunt in South Africa, just like anywhere else, will involve a lot of interviews. While some employers will only concentrate on your skills, some will want to grill you over issues surrounding the industry and life in general. You need to be well versed in all matters in your field of specialization and also general issues in the industry. Prepare and research thoroughly especially on emerging issues. You might be asked about your previous employment and employer, keep everything professional and do not talk ill of your previous job or employer.

4. Look For Hidden Vacancies

The employment world is full of vacancies and while some are advertised openly to the public, some of them are hidden and unless you dig for them, you will not come across any in the classified or in the daily papers. One way to find these vacancies when searching for a job is to visit company websites and check on the human resource pages for any open positions. Most employers will do this to limit the number of applicants and ensure that the applicants who do apply are genuinely interested in the company.

5. Never Give Up

Job Hunting Tips
Job Hunting Tips –

This is one of the most important tips in the top 5 successful job hunting tips in South Africa. As mentioned earlier, finding a job can be difficult, this does not mean that you are unlucky, the competition is just tight. You should not give up just because you have sent numerous applications without response or failed a few interviews; have an attitude adjustment and look at it this way, the job you deserve has not yet come your way and you need to keep looking to find it.

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