JMPD Officer Caught Requesting For R100 Bribe


Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has confirmed that a female officer was caught while she was requesting for R100 bribe in Soweto.

JMPD said the female officer who was caught right in the act, will face the law for soliciting R100 from a defaulting motorist.

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As related, the officer who was arrested after the incident, will be facing a bribery charge at the Dobsonville Police Station. And that, as anticipated, will send a clear message to other corrupt cops who extort money from citizens instead of carrying out their duties to the state and humanity.

Speaking for JMPD, spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says the accused cop will be making an appearance in court soon.

“The officer was arrested by an RTMC undercover anti-corruption squad during this long weekend when officers should be on duty and ensuring that motorists obey the road rules and traffic regulations.”

It is indeed encouraging to see that cops can also be called to order when they act wrong. A similar example is the case of a traffic officer arrested for alleged drunk driving and not obeying traffic rules earlier this month.

The traffic officers who were on duty at a roadblock during the weekend spotted the man on high-speed and without his headlights on. The officers tried to pull him over but to no avail. The officers then embarked on a hot pursuit and eventually forced him to a stop.

Further investigation into the matter revealed that the man was driving at such speed under the influence of alcohol.

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However, there are instances where cops arrest offenders and let them go in exchange for a few bucks. A typical example is the appearance of two cops in a Cape Town court last week for allegedly demanding money for the release of an arrested drunk driving suspect.