Shocking! How Chris Hani’s Killer And His ‘Dead’ Co-Accused Mismatched Hani’s Murder


Chris Hani’s killer Januz Walus has expressed disappointed with his co-accused’s startling confession on how Hani was ‘wasted’.

BuzzSouthAfrica recalls that before Clive Derby-Lewis died, he told reporters in an interview that Hani’s assassination was solely Walus’ decision.

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Speaking to his lawyer, Julian Knight, from the Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre in Pretoria on Thursday, the convict said although he regrets his action, he didn’t act on his own accord alone. He added that it was Clive who gave him Hani’s address and the gun he used.

“I have taken note of the allegations made by my co-accused in his recent interview, which I have read about in the media. I wish to distance myself completely from the views expressed by him.

I unreservedly apologise for and deeply regret my actions. I followed the instructions of Mr. Derby-Lewis, which I should never have done,” he said from his prison room.

Two decades ago, precisely on April 10, 1993, Chris Hani died on his driveway after Polish immigrant Januz Walus shot him once in the body and three times in the head, in a politically motivated assassination.

Walus has served 23 years of his sentence for murdering Hani while his co-conspirator, Clive Derby-Lewis, who brought the gun used for the assassination died weeks ago after a prolonged batter with cancer.

The duo’s death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment after the Constitutional Court banned the death penalty. Shortly before his death, Derby-Lewis granted an interview to Forum Films, in which he opened up about his life, politics, assassination attempts in prison and the murder of Hani – whom he dubbed “number one enemy”.

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The assassination of struggle stalwart Chris Hani, one of South Africa’s best and sharpest minds nearly brought the country to a civil war on the eve of the dawn of democracy.

He was a senior member of the now-ruling African National Congress (ANC) and head of the South African Communist Party (SACP).

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