Zuma’s Brother Worried Of How To Care For His Wives If He Ends Up In Jail


With the 783 corruption charges which the Pretoria High Court insisted Mr President must face, Zuma’s brother is worried. He’s worried of how he’ll take care of Zuma’s wives if the honorable SA leader ends up in jail.

As culled from a Sowetan Live report, Zuma’s brother – Michael Zuma – divulged that even Daddy Zuma the president, is worried about the possibility of him spending some years behind bars.

He reportedly cried as he narrated that Zuma’s wives often approach him for advice because they’re haunted by imageries of their husband in a prison cell.

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Michael said: “We are afraid he could go back to jail…This is not the brother I know. The brother I have always known is the one that cracks jokes, a brother who loves women.”

Are the Zuma’s truly bothered about their Jacob going to jail? If they are, they must pray and hope the EFF remains an opposing party.

The Chief Commander of the fighters has severally promised to jail Zuma if his party get to rule the country.

In fact, he recently said the fighters will Jail Zuma, capture his famous Nkandla, and make of it a college.

“Zuma is going to prison. We are going to arrest and put him in jail, take Nkandla and turn it into a college. There is nothing that stops us from taking Nkandla.

When we said Zuma is going to pay back the Nkandla money people thought we were playing. We said the Gupta must leave the country, they have now left. Zuma is going to jail,” Malema vowed.

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Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma is expected to face his corruption charges. This follows the Pretoria High Court dismissal of his leave to appeal its rule which stipulated that the President face his 783 corruption charges.