Guess Who Graced The Durban July This Saturday?


South Africa’s biggest horse racing extravaganza – Durban July – at Greyville Race Course each year has gone beyond attracting all kinds of celebrities.

Apparently, as one the biggest events on the country’s social calendar, Durban July also attracts politicians including the president.

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Therefore, if are wondering where the president is on Saturday afternoon,  the answer to your question lies at Greyville. The president is expected to brave the crazy weather this weekend to attend the annual horse racing extravaganza.

Though the Presidency confirmed President Jacob Zuma’s presence at the Africa’s greatest and richest horse racing event, there is no way they are revealing which of the 18 contenders he will be betting on.

Names like Bela-Bela‚ French Navy and Solid Speed are high on the bookies’ lists of favourites. But‚ according to the annual bean predictors things are looking good for Saratoga Dancer and Abashiri‚ but not so good for Rocketball and It’s My Turn.

Not just the president but thousands of celebrities and the general public are reportedly showing off their beautiful garments at horse racing extravaganza. A lot of people dressed up according to this year’s theme ‘leader of the pack’.

Most importantly, racing enthusiasts have gathered to bet for their favourite jockeys and with this event Ethekwini municipality is expecting to generate nothing less than R300 million or more in revenue.

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The spokesperson for Umlazi Township Tourism Sdi Nduli says “It’s a day that we have long been waiting for, you can see the attitude of the people the mood within the community, the security. Everybody will be safe in the event. All security measures have been taken into consideration, food will be available as well as the Shisa Nyama (braai). One is already feeling the excitement around the event is so high.”

The Saturday event  will be rounded off with a visit to Umlazi and surrounding townships to get a taste of Kasi vibe.