Jacob Zuma Blames Criticisms Against Him On Being Black And Uneducated


President Jacob Zuma has described all the criticisms channelled towards him as “unfair”, saying he’s being targeted because he’s a black and uneducated president.

Speaking at an event held at the Jacob Zuma Foundation, the president said that his critics have treated him unfairly. He said they are under the impression that a man who has never gone to formal school and is president must be attacked incessantly.

“No one has ever said it is a miracle for this man to have become president and written a column about it,” Zuma said.

He said that people have decided to make a laughing-stock of him because he came from a poor black background and managed to climb the ladder of power to the top and make something of himself.

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Zuma specified that he doesn’t listen to his critics, saying he’d have “the disease white people call stress” if he did. “But I don’t have it because I know better,” he said.

He laughed off the criticisms by saying “If a person loses a shoe-lace in South Africa they say it is Zuma – and I love it.”

President Jacob Zuma has said that he has spoken to economists who could not convince him that Treasury and economy would have collapsed had David van Rooyen remained in his appointment as minister of finance.

On Monday, 11 January the rand was in recovery mode again having hit R17.99 – a new record low – against the dollar late on Sunday night as Asian markets opened.

This followed a major sell-off out of Japan, and remarks from president Jacob Zuma that markets overreacted and people exaggerated when he sacked the finance minister, Nhlanhla Nene.

Zuma unscrupulously sacked Nene in December 2015, replacing him with unknown ANC back-bencher, David van Rooyen which led to a collapse in the market, pushing the rand to several record lows against the dollar.

Zuma called the market reaction, the reaction from politicians, business leaders and South African citizens – an “overreaction”.

“People did not consider many things,” Zuma said. “The rand had been going down when Nene was there. It had been going down for months and months. It was not triggered by the decision to remove Nene.”

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“The removal of Nene was ‘not breaking the economy’…People didn’t understand what was happening and they exaggerated the issue,” he said.

Reports say Zuma threatened to expose his critics, because he knew who they were. He made the revelations when the #ZumaMustFall campaign re-emerged and a billboard with the words “Zuma Must Fall” appeared in Cape Town.