South Africans Decide: How Have I Fared As President? – Zuma Asks


Ahead of the ANC December conference meant to elect new party officials, President Jacob Zuma gives himself credit for the job done so far as the President of the Republic of South Africa.

The President who was speaking at an exclusive interview with news channel ANN7 on Monday evening said he has on several occasions added to the progress of the Nation which every citizen could attest to.

Jacob Zuma also said that he would want South Africans to decide for themselves how he has fared as president, considering how much much he has done for the country.

“I introduced quite a number of new departments. We’ve been talking about rural development. And I thought talking about it and not doing anything was not helping. It was, therefore, important to focus and I established a department; I also worked on establishing another one which was [the Department of] Performance Monitoring and Evaluation,” Zuma said, adding that he had continued where former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela left off.

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According to the President also, there are countries that want to influence South Africa – that regard him as their only hindrance, hence they would want him taken down by all means.

His comments come amid strong criticism of his administration, particularly on how corruption and state capture have had its way under his administration.

Among many other issues, President Jacob Zuma is being slammed for his link to the Controversial Gupta family who in turn have been linked to the alleged state capture.

The President, however, denied the existence of state capture and had warned that those calling for an inquiry into the matter would regret it because it would go after everyone involved in corruption.

He also reiterated that only has the sole power to establish a commission of inquiry and to appoint the judge that would be in charge of the inquiry.

Also,  that the inquiry committee would soon be established once he has clarified that it won’t just look at the Gupta family.

“There is going to be a commission of inquiry with a broad kind of terms of reference that will cover everything because we don’t want to leave anything [out],” he said.

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And to those using the term state capture for political reasons, the President said they should be rest assured that they would get what they want because the commissions won’t be choosy but would go to those who have done wrong things.

Jacob Zuma did not exclude himself from being investigated. He said if he is corrupt, the commission will expose him too.