ANC Delighted That South Africans Are Very Happy With Them


The African National Congress (ANC) chief whip; Jackson Mthembu says the ruling party is delighted to know that South Africans still have confidence in the party despite setbacks in few areas.

Mthembu was speaking  at the IEC’s national results operations centre in Tshwane. His assertion is coming barely 42 hours after the much-anticipated municipal elections in the country.

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Jackson Mthembu said: “We are quite humbled and very happy that people of South Africa still trust the African National Congress. Of course we have had setbacks in areas like the Nelson Mandela Bay but we are magnanimous in victory and also magnanimous in defeat because we are democrats.”

Making further reference to ANC’s overwhelming preliminary lead in many provinces across the country so far; he said results from the polls showed people still trust and count on the ANC – South Africa’s true democrat party.

Jackson Mthembu Pleased With ANC Results

“At national level, the people of South Africa have, in their majority; still voted for the African National Congress. As you can see, we are standing at over 50 percent. We are now at over 54 percent nationally…,” he added.

Statistics showed that over 13 million people out of the 26 million voters across the country voted in favour of the ANC.

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And as at 9.30am on Friday, the IEC’s results website indicated that the ANC was at 54.29%; the Democratic Alliance trailed with 26.4% of votes; while South Africa’s radical party – the Economic Freedom Fighters had garnered 4.51% of votes.

Undoubtedly, ANC still commands huge support across the country; but it’s glaring the party’s support is hastily waning. And it is apparent that this year’s election result; is probably the biggest wake-up call the governing African National Congress has received since it came into power in 1994.

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